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A Comparison of Darth Vader and Hitler

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Ryan Green

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of A Comparison of Darth Vader and Hitler

Darth Vader and Adolf Hitler
Ryan Green
What similarities are there between Darth Vader and Adolf Hitler?
Hitler was a main influence in the Axis and battled with the Allies
The Axis consisted of three countries, all under the absolute power of a single leader at the time: Nazi Germany, Japan, Italy
The Allies were made up of many more countries but incuded powerful ones, such as the Soviet Union, the United States, the United Kingdom, France and China.
Appearance: How Do the Two Leaders Present Themselves in Public?
The Little Things
A Comparison of Dark Lords
While some may be conspiracy, the vast range of similarities are staggering
The "Big Three"'s leaders, (Left to right) Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, U.S President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill
Vader was a sith lord in the Galactic Empire, which was engaged with the Rebel Alliance
The Rebel Alliance was made up of many planets, but namely Naboo, Allderaan and Endor
The Rebellion's fleet was lead Admiral Akbar, who is most famous for his "It's a trap!" line at the battle of Endor
Admiral Akbar was an inefficient leader because his lack of organization and heavy reliance on others and most of his victories can be attributed to the Jedi
Youth and Background
Before he was Darth Vader, the Sith lord was Anakin Skywalker, a young jedi apprenticed to Obi-Wan Kanobi
Anakin was discovered at a very young age and was raised to be the 'Chosen One' who would bring balance to the universe
Anakin fought as a jedi in the Clone Wars, a precursor to the Rebellion, winning him recognition as a hero among the council
His fame and destiny made him arrogant and overconfident, leading to his eventual turn to the dark side
His commitment to the dark side was complete when he killed Master Windu, in defense of his friend Chancellor Palpatine, who was later discovered as a sith
Hitler was born Austiran and participated in German conflicts like the Great War
Hitler fought in the trenches when Germany was attacking the Western Front
His bravery earned him multiple iron crosses for his courage
Hitler, like many others, was bitter about the reparations Germany was being forced to pay and the loss of Alsace-Lorraine
They believed that Germany was capable of more than being in debt for their loss
What Similarities Are There?
Both Hitler and Vader fought as lower ranking officers in earlier conflicts and because of success, commanded armies in the next conflict
Both of the leaders also lost many of their comrades in the war, battle hardening them
The difference is that Hitler was on the losing side of the Great War while Anakin helped the Jedi win the Clone Wars
Hitler and Vader became bitter to the other side and used revenge as motivation for conquest.
However, while Hitler was bitter at the loss of his country, Anakin was bitter towards the loss of his position among the Jedi
Vader's Fight Against the Rebellion
Hitler's Fight Against the Allies
A Fleet of Similarities
Hitler and Vader both fought for a more organized world and felt that those in power were unfit to rule
However Hitler started in a weak, recently defeated Germany while Vader was able to lead an already established Empire
Hitler also was at a major disadvantage, having only a few key alliances against the rest of the world
Hitler and Vader Each Lead Their Own Form of "Stormtroopers"
Hitler and Vader won military success and gained power as a result
After the refinement of the cloning process, wars could be fought with low 'human' causalties
All the clones were cloned from Jenga Fett, a bounty hunter who's DNA provided the perfect template for the clone armies
Clones are programmed to take orders from imperial officers and are easy for the jedi to manipulate
As a result, of the ease by which leaders were able to acquire soldiers, war was easier to wage and the original Clone Wars ensued
Droids and Their Effect on War
The droids were replaced by the Clones because clones would be more efficiency in battle due to their ability to make decisions but were valuable because of their rapid production and lack of needs
As a result, droids were dispensable weapons that were used on large scale battles
More specifically, droids were useful during attacks on enemy bases, when numbers were more of a factor than skill
Droids were especially useful to the Sith, allowing them to have full control of their soldiers and not being susceptible to error

A Battle Droid is an improved on droid
A personal favorite, the Droideka, curls into a wheel to move and has a shield and twin laser turrets
Droids utilizing the "Swarm" manuver, overwhelming the enemy
The coincidence of naming Vader's troops "Stormtroopers" was not a coincidence
George Lucas was trying to connect the Galactic Empire with the Nazi Regime to create support for the Alliance
Lucas frequently uses history in his movies as an inspiration, as he feels that it is easier for an audience to relate to
Lucas added a mask to his Stormtroopers because faces carry emotion and emotion, sympathy. Lucas wanted his audience to be in agreement, in favor of the rebellion.
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Under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, the german army was unable to have more than one hundred thousand men
However after Hitler's rise to power, he began to grow his army with other countries choosing to ignore his preparations for war
By 1934 the German Army had a over four and a half million soldiers
Hitler strategically used these soldiers to secure the French Border in a maneuver called blitzkrieg
Blitzkrieg would continue to devastate any of the German's opponents
Sci-Fi Weaponry
Amassing an Army
Bending the Rules
Also according to the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was forbidden from having an air force
Hitler, not willing to be restricted to the treaty's terms, would begin to assemble the Luftwaffe, Germany's air aorce
During the invasion of Poland, the Luftwaffe used 1,750 bombers and 1,200 fighter airplanes
The Luftwaffe was a deadly weapon when combined with new tank technology
The Panzer IV Tank was a revolutionary development, far beyond the tank technology of the Allies
Hitler utilized the two together in an offensive maneuver he called, lightning war because of the rapid mobility the units had
Lightning War
Hitler and Vader Both Made Incredible Weapons
There Is a Reason Star Wars is Science Fiction
The Galactic Empire has created some incredible weaponry by using its unlimited resources and power over the known reigons
The TIE fighter is it the Empire's foot soldier during space combat
They are small fighters but are also used as escape pods
The Empires battle ship is the Destroyer, ranging from class three to class one in magnitude
These are the Rebellion's main concern when in a dog fight, as they are mounted with plasma cannons, capable of vaporizing any fighter jets
While the Empire has many Destroyers and Fighters there are only two Death Stars
The Death Star: Crown Jewel of the Empire
The Death Star has the capability to destroy entire planets and would be used by the Empire to dissuade any resistance
Allderaan, Leia's home, was destroyed by the original Death Star
The original death star was destroyed by Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader's Son, by sending a proton torpedo into the Death Star's exaust port, creating a need for a new Death Star
The battle was later called "The Battle of the Trench"
The second Death Star was much larger containing Pylon tractor beams for capturing nearby ships and was capable of firing its Concave Dish Composite Beam Superlaser at moving ships instead of stationary planets like its predecessor.
It was also fully functional when incomplete, allowing for the Empire to defend itself while the Death Star is finished
The Second Death Star was much Larger and had micron thick exhaust ports to prevent proton torpedoes from entering
Nazi Superweapons
In another one of Lucas' series, Indiana Jones, the Nazis are consistently depicted as being obsessed with super, otherworldly weapons, such as the Ark of the Covenant in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"
While they never managed to find the lost ark, they did create some magnificent weapons
The Nazi Jetcopter
The Nazis created the first Helicopter, which they planned to use it for bombing and transportation but Hitler did not thik that it was fast enough for his Luftwaffe, hence the Nazi Jetcopter was created
By using a principal used in fireworks, the jet engines would spin the blades around a fuselage where the pilot would sit in a gyroscope-like cabin where he could control the four rudders to control pitch and yaw
However, the enormous power and the precision to control the Jetcopter were beyond the capabilities of science and human skill at the time so the Jetcopter was set aside for the future
The 31.5 caliber rail gun is still the largest in the world and its sister gun, Dora, was never put into service
Gustav required 4,000 men to assemble and an entire anti-aircraft regiment to protect it
Gustav only fired 42 shots in its lifetime, but each weighed 11,000 pounds and could penetrate a one hundred foot stone wall
Weapons expert Alexander Ludeke refers to them as “technological masterpieces” but says they were “basically a waste of materials, technological expertise, and manpower.”
Vader wears a black mask
He requires it to breathe after his accident
Looking closely at its shape the lines form a robotic mustache
Darth Vader wears all black and a cape for the intimidation factor
He also has a deeper voice thats more intimidating that his natural wheezy voice

Hitler wears his iconic short mustache, a symbol of his manliness
He also wears his military uniform frequently instead of a suit
However this was normal during the Nazi Regime and was considered noble

What Does This Mean?
In line with George Lucas' goal of relating the Galactic Empire with the Nazi Regime, and Vader with Hitler, he may have chosen for Vader to resemble Hitler in his mask. Furthermore, the idea that Vader had a speech impediment when he was consumed by lava but overcame it through the Emperor's and how Hitler gave incredible speeches is interesting. Perhaps Lucas was suggesting that Hitler also had a crutch that he was using to gain eloquence.
Sieg Heil
Each of the Leaders were famous for their hand gestures; Hitler for his sieg heil and Vader for his choke and symbolically they have similar meanings
Both gestures were used to control people
Both gestures were specific to their own empire
But Vader and a few others were the only ones who preformed the "Vader choke" while masses of people preformed the sieg heil
Both Hitler and Vader committed suicide before the defeat of their armies.
While there is some controversy on Hitler's death, after the victory at Berlin and the eventual defeat of the Japanese, whether or not he actually died is irrelevant
Vader killed himself when he took off his mask to see Luke with his own eyes, instead of the robotic ones, symbolizing his rejection of the Empire
During both deaths they were
being invaded
Both leaders would rather die
than be captured by the enemy
However, right before his death, Vader redeems himself by killing the Emperor and realizing his fate to be the chosen one while Hitler gets no such redemption
So What? Part II
In reality Hitler was not a cold-cut villain, he had feelings too. Like many other smudges of history, he truly believed in what he did. He believed in what he spoke and that's what made him so powerful. Vader wasn't a villain either: he died a hero's death and redeemed himself for his son. Each of these leaders have their own force. Hitler has a force to move people to do incredible things and accomplish so much. Vader was born with the force to put balance back into the world and in a way, Hitler tried to do the same, in his own misguided way
Death Toll
In reality Darth Vader is a fictional character whose deeds have no repercussions. Hitler is. His planned segregation and execution of 13 million people will never be forgotten. It is completely unfair to compare the deeds of someone who has a conscience to someone who is playing a role. However if Vader was a real person, he would have destroyed an entire planet which will never be able to host life again, regardless of the number of innocent lives he ended.
The Original Death Star brought about the end of Allderaan
Concentration Camps dotted Germany that systematically killed off everyone who the Nazis deemed inferior
So What?
In order for dictators to be successful in conquering the world, they need weapons to overwhelm competition. They created weapons far beyond their time that struck fear into their opponents and allowed them to stay in power for so long. Hitler and Vader understood that and that enabled them to achieve total domination.
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