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No description

laura mcgregor

on 15 June 2014

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Transcript of STARFISH

Starfish live in most of the seas all over the world, including the Artic, Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean. They live on the sea floor, in coral reefs,rock pools and at sufrf beaches. Starfish can live in some of these extreme places, as they have leathery skin and have suction-like cups on their tentacles.

Starfish have a specialised eating behaviour. they have very small tentacle-like structures on the base of their body.Starfish eat micro-alge, sponges, snail, shellfish and other small marine-life. They have a central mouth disc at the centre of their arms. Their arms and tentacles grasp the food and very slowly move it to their centre disc where they digest it.
There are somewhat 2000 species of starfrish lving in the worlds oceans.
The starfish's body obviously consists of a central disc and some arms (depending on the species). they have many layers of cells (like a leaf) which are thinly built up to form its flesh and outer wall. Starfish have a very poor nervous system, but they do have an extremely complicated and interesting way of feeling. they use their tentacles, which are located on the underside of their body, to sense and feel their way around objects Starfish move similarly to a squid. They use a hydraulic system which revolves around the central disc.they press water out of the disc to propel themselves. Starfish have most commonly 5 arms, but some species are know to have 10, 20 or even 40 arms!

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