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Lounge Concept

For a great mobile multiplayer experience www.lounge.andlabs.com

Lukas Jarosch

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Lounge Concept

Here is where Lounge comes into play This is the
Lounge Lobby THE IDEA Playing Multiplayer Games mobile Problems:
Infrastructure, Connections, Mobile World No all in one / out of the Box solution
that supports hosting and resuming multiple matches Critical Mass missing Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 2 The Rocket Game doesn't have
enough Players with overlapping
playtime. No matches can be created. But if this Billard Game that has the same problem would throw his players into the mix, the chances are much higher for a game to be played. Wait, doesn't this mean
that as a Game Developer
I give my players away to another Game YES, that's the point.
You would have lost this player anyway leaving him disappointed, maybe never coming back.

This way you still give him a good experience,
and more imporantly,
you get the same effect in return - More Players. In the end
what is most important is
that games are being
played and
players are having fun. : ) What Else? A Match can be paused and resumed anytime

They can be played total asynchronously, so they can be played over days, doesn't matter both players are in the game or not

You can play multiple matches of the same game at the same time with different players

You will be notified when someone made a move in one of the matches you are involved

You can see all your matches from all your Lounge games in one overview. Screenshots? { Here you can see all the Games and the match instances you are involved in You play 4 Molecule matches 2 of the are already running (cubes connected) Every player has its own cube indicating his state
connected to Lounge { Here you can see all the games and their matches which you could join Casual Games Either me or the other player has to break up the game because of a phone call / my bus stop I need to get out / No battery or connection ? Then you don't know when, if and how this game will continue This makes it hard to generate good multiplayer experience on mobile device The mobile multiplayer Experience or not If it is you turn to make a move,
the match will pulsate to notify you Free to use easy to
integrate connecting players
beyond one game more more to come Match Invites over Game specific game Settings
e.g. Levels, Gamemodes, etc. and much more... We would like to here your www.lounge.andlabs.com


@LoungePlay #LoungePlay



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