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The Brachydios

No description

Lamberto Yael R

on 25 May 2014

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Transcript of The Brachydios

The Brachydios
The Brachydios
Mortal Enemy
Battle Video

Rage Mode
The Brachydios is a brute wyvern that has it's own unice power element. SLIME!!! The brachydios is maybe one of the only monsters that use slime but it might also be the only monster that wields the slime element. The Brachydios punches the ground and slime comes out of its hands but it licks its hands because the slime won't explode if it doesn't lick its hands. When it goes into rage mode it makes slime go all over it's whole body. The Brachydios is stronger than the both the Zinogre and the Stygian Zinogre. It's horn can be stabbed into the ground and make an explosion around it and make a whole ray of fire in one direction.
Tail axe blades
Explosion makers
Upper neck
Head Spikes
Mouth( slime comes from mouth, and to get slime on its fist it licks its fist)
The Brachydios isn't any small monster, and it's not too big either. The Brachydios' biggest size is 1902.213 Inches and its smallest size is 1339.18 Inches. It might seem to small but it is kind of big in a face-to-face meeting.
The Brachydios is strong and all but it does have weaknesses. Its head is its weakness point and its elemental weakness is water. It lives in volcanic places, and it also lives in icy tundras.
The mortal enemy of the Brachydios are small monsters with lava resistant skin. Their called the Uroktors. They spit lava balls at any thing they want, and can go under ground breaking hard rock and go through lava without any trouble(unless there are explosives, Basarios, and Gravois). The Uroktors are in packs but their controlled by something stronger, bigger, and cooler looking. It's called the Agnaktor. Uroktors can be destroyed by a Brachydios in seconds but an Agnaktor can be killed in 2 minutes. The Agnaktor still has the advantage of size, speed, agility. The Agnaktor doesn't stand a chance against the Brachydios
Felyne Angnaktor armor
Agnaktor armor
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