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Film Club 1st Meeting

No description

Joseph Tien

on 8 June 2016

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Transcript of Film Club 1st Meeting

Film Club Meeting
Aug. 30th, 2013

President: Joseph Tien

(Free Pizza will be given during the meeting.) Voting and Elections will be conduct later in the meeting.

Advisor: Mr. Nguyen & Mr. Perez
Pros and Cons of Last years Film Club (3 min.)
Film Club created by
Ex- President: David Feinzimer


Focusing on Rom-Com, Vlogging, Game Reviews, and short drama episodes or clips. We will still be having our Annual Film Festival.
Improvements and Changes (3 min.)
Focusing on Youtube and Social Network.
Be more noticed throughout the school.
Constantly posting 2 videos per month. Be more active.
Focusing on lots of small productions, such as a 5-10 min. clips. Not wait till the Film Festival to display our productions.
10 min.

Vice President

Additional of three

Assistant of President.
Leaders of three sections Short drama episodes, clips, & films.

Additional of two

Handles funds and fund raisers

Publicity Officer

Additional of two

Makes and distributes flyers, posters. Give news on Social Media. Write announcements for upcoming events, meetings, etc.

Additional of Two

Take notes on every meeting.
Give ideas for the next production. Records and reads minutes.
Great Production Film (ACES)
Excellent work on Film Festival
Members were devoted
Mr. Brem & Mr. Fastiggi acts
Combined the school atomosphere into the film atmosphere
This club has three years of firm foundation.
Not very noticeable comparing to other clubs.
Doesn't constantly show production throughout the year.
Only some major long films displayed on the Film Festival.
Productions didn't have the attention they deserved.
The Board Members that are later elected MUST come to every meeting, only if it conflicts to your classes. Frequent absences will cause dismissal of position.
Only the people that has signed the sheet of joining Film Club are allowed to vote.
The Board Members MUST follow the instructions that were given to their position.
If the candidates lost their desired position. They could still run for other positions and so on.
Examples of Youtube Drama Clips we will be doing this year
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