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All About 5 Seconds of Summer

A 5SOS presentation for viewers like you!


on 23 August 2014

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Transcript of All About 5 Seconds of Summer

The Start
Luke started a YouTube channel [hemmo1996] in Feb. 2011 where he covered songs from Cee Lo Green to Mayday Parade.
Hello Cal and Mikey
Calum and Michael join the band in April 2011. They covered songs by Blink-182 and Adele.
Welcome to the band Ashton!
Ashton joined the band in Dec. 2011.

As a full band they covered songs by One Direction and All Time Low. They also started performing original songs.
The End...
of this presentation!
5 Seconds of Summer still have a lot left to do in their careers. I have shown you how they went from playing in Ashton's garage to playing sold out stadiums all over the world.
All About 5 Seconds of Summer
Thank you!
Join the 5SOSfam today!
5 Seconds of Summer are an Australian pop rock/pop punk band from Sydney.They were formed in 2011. There are currently four members; Ashton Irwin,Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and Luke Hemmings.

Luke Robert Hemmings
D.O.B: July 16, 1996 Age: 18
Family: Liz&Andrew Hemmings; Ben & Jack
Edu.: Norwest Christian College [Yr. 11]
RF: He likes
How I Met Your Mother
Favorite ice cream flavor: cookies&cream
He loves penguins
Favorite pizza topping: pepperoni
Lucas is like 6ft 4in! Wut?!?
Calum Thomas Hood
D.O.B.: Jan. 25, 1996 Age: 18
Family: Joy & Mali Koa
Edu.:Norwest Christian College [Yr. 11]
RF: He is Kiwi&Scottish NOT ASIAN!
Favorite pizza topping: ham&pineapple
Has hairless legs! (so jealous!)
Was chosen to represent OZ in Brazil for football
He inspired the boys to write songs
He's like 6ft 1in!
Michael Gordon Clifford
D.O.B.: Nov. 20, 1995 Age:18
Family: Karen
Edu.: Norwest Christian College [Yr. 11]
RF:He's English, Scottish, Irish, German, & Australian
He is naturally blonde!
He is a bit OCD (he washes his hands like 20 times a day!)
He claims to be the biggest gamer ever
He's like 6ft 1in
Meet the boys
Ashton Fletcher
D.O.B.: July 7. 1994 Age: 20
Family: Anne Marie; Harry & Lauren
Edu.: Richmond High School [Grad.]
RF: He is Australian&American
He can play the saxophone, piano,& guitar
He likes banana milkshakes
Favorite food: Spaghetti!
Takes the most selfies
He wears glasses!
He's like 6ft tall!!
What they think:
On Calum!
On Ashton!
On Luke!
On Michael!
Here have some pictures!
Would you like some videos?
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