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Geometry 8.5 Angle of elevation and depression

No description

Mr. Simpson

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Geometry 8.5 Angle of elevation and depression

The Space Needle in Seattle Washington is 518 feet tall. Juliet is at the top of the Space Needle looking down at Romeo who is 660 feet away from the Space Needle. What is the angle of depression from Juliet to Romeo? 518 feet 66 660 feet Section 8.5 Angle of Depression and Elevation Objective: Students should be able to apply Sine, Cosine, and Tangent when using elevation and depression to solve for missing sides and angles of a right triangle. 1,063 ft 65 o X Burj Khalifa in Dubai 78 o X Angle of Elevation - the angle above a horizontal line (but below line of sight) Angle of Depression - the angle below a horizontal line (but above line of sight) What do you notice? < Elevation is congruent to < Depression because alternate interior angles. < 1. Depression from Peak to Hiker < 2. Elevation < 3. Depression < 4. Elevation from hut to hiker line of sight Mark looks up at a 78 degree angle at the tallest bulliding in the world called Burj Khalifa in Dubai. He knows that he is 578.6 feet away from the building. How tall is the building? The eiffel tower in Paris is 1, 063 feet tall. If an observer is looking up at an angle of 65 degrees how far away is he from the top of the tower. x 578.6 feet 25 o 225 feet A man is standing on the great wall of China. Someone on top of one of the towers is looking down at the man at a 25 degree angle of depression. The tower is 225 feet east of the man. What is the distance from the man to tower. X 25 o
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