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Children during WW1

No description

Gillian Garcia

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Children during WW1

Who was Involved? How did the children feel? Children During WWI Children felt depressed when the war went on because one of their family members, usually their father or a brother left them to go into the war to fight.
There became a point in time where there was not a lot of food left for the children. There was not enough money for food during the war because the men who earned the money all left to fight war. What did the Children do? Some children were offered to join the war.
There was no evacuation programs so Children who didn't go into the war had to stay with another adult or parent.
Because of the no money issues factories started calling children in to do work so they could earn money.
Children tried to help out the no food issue by trying to get jobs on farms to grow crops. What was Life like during WWI? How did Children Behave? Children had to start becoming more in charge when family members left.
When children were in charge they had to take care of house hold stuff and go to work to help pay for food and other needed items. In my topic the children were the ones who were involved in this There were also kids that supported in the war who was involved in WWI Based on what i have heard/read life for children during WW1 was...
Depressing :(
Scary :(
Rough :(
Hard :( By: Gillian Garcia
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