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O Brother, Where Art Thou vs The Odyssey

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Courtney Poteat

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of O Brother, Where Art Thou vs The Odyssey

By Courtney Poteat O Brother, Where Art Thou vs The Odyssey The hero's journey is used to help better explain the journey that a hero goes on. It is composed of several stages that help you analyze exactly went on during their journey. These stages are known as:
1) the mundane world: the hero begins the story in a place they have no desire to be
2) the call to adventure: someone or something tells you and the hero that there is something else out there
3) crossing the threshold: the hero crosses into the "new" world, leaving the old world behind
4) the path of trials: the hero goes on an adventure and overcomes challenges while meeting new people
and 5) the master of two worlds: having succeeded in the new world, the hero returns to the old world as a changed person The Hero's Journey The Epic Hero O Brother, Where Art Thou and The Odyssey are very similar in several ways, considering that one story was based off the other. Some of these similarities include:
The heroes of both stories were both men
Both heroes had one goal: to get back home and reunite with their families
They both came across mythical creatures, or at least "creatures" (people) that were supposed to represent those creatures but not in actual creature form (cyclops/Big Dan, Sirens/three women singing that lured the men in, etc)
Both men both had almost faced death
In both stories, men were transformed into other animals (Odysseus' men into pigs and other animals, and Pete into a toad)
Both men thought they didn't need the help of others to reach their goal
Both stories were based off of the epic poem "The Odyssey" written by Homer
Both heroes had to somewhat lie to (or hinder) their crew in order to keep them going for the hero's goal How They Are Alike... An epic hero is a brave and noble character in an epic poem, admired for great achievements. They are courageous, cunning and loyal to their crew. Everett from "O Brother, Where Art Thou" Odysseus from "The Odyssey" Both men were disguised at one point

How They Are Different... They are set in different time periods (The Odyssey was set in ancient Greece and O Brother, Where Art Thou was based in more modern times)
The hero in O Brother, Where Art Thou had tricked his crew into believing there was a treasure when there wasn't, but Odysseus didn't
Everett's crew consisted of three or four people, while Odysseus' was a whole ship crew
O Brother, Where Art Thou was a more realistic and relatable story than The Odyssey
The hero (Odysseus) was of greater power than Everett (he was the king of his country) The hero's names are similar, Odysseus and Ulysses
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