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SWEDU-Bay Feb 24-26

The Kauffman Foundation

Zane Groshelle

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of SWEDU-Bay Feb 24-26

54 hours company from concept to startup what? Pitch an idea 1 minute to convince Form a team with a good mix of skills Launch a startup No talk, all action! in 54 hours 1. 2. 3. “the best
experiential education
for entrepreneurs” startup ventures created 400+ 200+ 100 35000+ 400+ 4000+ events worldwide cities countries attendees to date local organizers The crazy numbers 85 14 68 17 14 33 cities in Europe cities in Asia cities in
the Middle-East cities in Africa cities in
North-America cities in Central
and Latin-America Housekeeping Schedule Friday Saturday Sunday 17:30 - Networking and Dinner
19:00 - Kickoff and Pitchfire!
21:00 - Vote on Top Ideas, form teams!
22:00 - Start Working!
23:59 - Everybody OUT! 9:00 - Door Open
9:30 - Breakfast
10:00 - Mentoring!
12:00 - Lunch (Alumni Winners)
18:00 - Dinner
23:59 - Hasta Manana! 9:00 - Breakfast
10:00 - Mentor
12:00 - Lunch
16:00 - Tech Check / Dinner
17:00 - Presentations
19:30 - Voting and Awards Startup Weekend Global Sponsors Our Sponsors Friday - Voting Page With each Idea and Founder's Name 1 3 Post-it Notes per person (these are your Votes) 20 Minutes to place your votes how to rock a Startup in 54 hours and beyond. Curriculum (listen at your own risk) Friday- Pitchfire You can't say too much in 60 seconds.. ..so don't try to. Make people want to know more. 5-10 s Who are You? 10-20s What's your Problem? 10-20s What's your Solution? 5-10s Who do you Need? the concept. Make up a Take is Brand NAME! notes. Contagious! Enthusiasm Building a Team Complementary Skills Clear and Aligned Interests Energy and Enthusiasm What Matters Most: Be open to co-ownership The team is and be prepared to pivot EVERYTHING! Now Friday Night got fans / customers? begin pitch prep business model? LUNCH finish building practice yo pitch! crunch time PITCH!
Twitter Hashtag = #SWEDUBAY Facilities- Restrooms House RUles Coaches
Where/ How to communicate Communications:
Txt SWEDU To 917-477-3564

Live Bloggers
sfedu.startupweekend.org Thank-you's / Start-Up Tools Use Roman Voting System Set Timers Reconvene Regularly for Status Updates for each decision. (every 2 hours) Use Urgent and Important Matrix Business Model Canvas The INterwebz A/B Tests Twitter/ FB
Polls Ask your Target Market Wufoo Survey Poll Daddy Other Teams Your Team Paper Polls Use your Feet Feedback Judges Brainstorm! Validation Validation Matters You Can't Think of EVERYTHING! also.. because Presentations Sunday Idea Validation SUNDAY SATURDAY start building! market research refine MVP LUNCH keep building DINNER roll-out strategy FRIDAY (now) map MVP identify customer weekeed deliverables customer validation Weekend Roadmap Focus on MVP What You've Accomplished No Numbers without Justification i.e. hockey stick growth curve Leave the frills for Q & A Save Demos locally Wireless WILL crash or preload all pages in different tabs Tech Check Only 1-2 Speakers Saves time Dry Run with Timer & Judging Criteria: Customer Validation Innovation Education Impact Your Presentation Interviewed that feedback into your product? of fans and would-be customers? potential/ target customers? Integrated Built a base How does this idea compare to alternative solutions its customers might employ?

Is it distinctive?

Defensible? How well does this idea address a real and significant problem in education? Does it do so in a manner that will encourage adoption and create value for teachers, administrators, policy makes and/or students. have you... Upcoming Events Maker Startup Weekend Bay Area
& #SWBAY Recognition Santa Clara, CA
Feb 24-26 Event-Level Sponsors Build physical things during a weekend using 3D printers and Laser cutters
March 2-4
San Francisco, CA Mega Startup Weekend Bay Area The biggest Startup Weekend of the Year, focusing on Mobile, Gaming, and Robots!
April 13-15
Mountain View, CA Premier Platinum Gold Silver Contributing Technology No upstairs Doors marked red (no exit) Trash cans (for food - use them) Food in the pantry (Kno's) Your belongings Doors lock automatically at 6 pm 1 Ladybug Post-it Note per educator (educator-approved) EighteenEighty FIlm crew 4:00 Sunday Viability How likely is this idea to yield a sustainable business? Have you been convinced that the team has adequalty address the toughest challenge threatening their success? Execution How much did the team get done over the weekend? Have they delivered sufficient experimental evidence to convince you of the merits of the idea and the team such that you'd be willing to committ to a 1/2 day meeting?
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