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Coureur de bois in fur trade

No description

Alyssa Siemens

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Coureur de bois in fur trade

Coureurs de bois in Fur Trade
Coureur de bois who transported furs by canoe during the Fur Trade
Pierre Radisson
-French Canadian fur trader and explorer.
The coureur de bois trades included guns, gun powder, pots and pans, in return for furs and medicine.
-Means "runners
of the woods"
-traveled to trade
furs with First
Voices and Visions Textbook
Suffered from:
Eaten alive by black flies
Sinus, eye and respiratory problems
Broken limbs
Wild animals (bears, cougars etc.)
-New culture of First Nations and French
Where they lived
They lived over 2000 kilometres from home and went deep into the wilderness to trade.
Day to day life
-They traveled the woods by day in groups to trade and slept in branch-made shelters or holes in the snow by night.
Interesting Facts
they would trade without permission from France (so,
fats and oils
to keep insects away.
a standard load for a voyageur was
180 lbs
and would spend up to
12 hours
a day paddling
they had to hunt, fish, canoe, barter and snowshoe
Contributing to the Fur trade
-Traveled into woods to trade furs with First Nations but stayed outside of main trades.
-transported goods for french
-traded with first Nations
-helped translate between french and First Nations
By: Alyssa and Yvonne
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