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Storm Drain Shooter

No description

Tyler Schipper

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Storm Drain Shooter

The Fence... The second team of shooters are said to have stood behind this fence on the Grassy Knoll.

Researchers say that they took the second team on the knoll shot only for coverup purposes.
The First shooter Rosselli was said to have slipped into the drainage system from here. The Drain... Storm Drain Shooter The Hole... This is the view that Kennedy would have had of the man hole and storm drain as he was approaching in the parade. This is where the shooter
would have been when he
was shot. This is what Kennedy saw at the exact moment he was shot. This is the pipe that the shooter
escaped through. This street lamp is said to have been hit when the shooter fired his first shot that missed Kennedy the first time.

Evidence does show that the light pole was indeed hit and that the trajectory of the shot was also in line. This is a debated topic in the conspiracy though. The Top of the Hole... This is the view the shooter would have had at the top of manhole that he was directly below. Rice is where Kennedy was before the shot. A shooter stationed in this sewer line could have easily escaped Dealey Plaza underground. This storm drain is located to the front right of JFK's motorcade. Another big reason why everyone believes this is true is because the area behind the manhole in this picture caved in months later due to a section of piping that had been cut out and never replaced.

This piping was said to have been measured and it was just big enough for a rifle to be slipped into and was almost unnoticeable if you weren't looking for it. This is where they say the shooter hid his weapon. Is all this a Myth? People think this conspiracy is also a myth because of the way the street was.

The layers of blacktop also make it hard to see out of and researchers say that the gap is to small to shoot out of accurately. Most people don't believe in any other conspiracies because of the trajectory of the bullet.

This picture shows the angle of the shot from the depository.
Most people who believe in the conspiracies think it was Fidel Castro of Cuba who did it. There are some out there that have good evidence that it was. The man that was arrested and charged with the shooting was Lee Oswald. He never had a chance to really testify becauseless tha n2 days later he was shot to death. The man that killed Oswald was a man named Jack Ruby.

This is a picture of ruby shooting Oswald as hes being transported from the police station. Most people also believe it was Oswald who killed JFK because he was found with a fake ID and was using the alias Alex James Hiddel.

The Warren Commission did prove that Oswald was using another ID to confirm the obvious. Most of the evidence that was found that hints towards there being other ways of JFK being killed do exist but are not sufficient enough for anyone to prove much.

With the Warren Commission never doing any field work or interviewing anyone it is hard to say how exactly he was killed. The general assumption today is that Oswald was a single shooter. Citations Parks,R(1996)"The Storm Drain"
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Retrieved on January 11, 2013
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