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Do We Really Need Math?

School project

Kaitlyn Dain

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Do We Really Need Math?

All kinds of jobs contain
mathematics. Do We Really Need Math? Economist Economists study topics such as prices,
jobs, taxes, interest rates, and the stock
market; they prepare surveys to collect
data, and then figure out what the data
mean. Teacher Teachers teach young children how to read,
write, do math, and more. They teach kids all
different strategies and operations in math. Banker Bankers are always needing to deposit and debit
money from people's accounts. They also work
with interest rates. Bankers do a lot of math
within their job! Everybody uses math whether
they know it or not. Shoppers and customers use math to
calculate change, sale prices,
and tax. Cooks and chefs use math to modify the amount
of ingredients they will use in
their cooking. People who go on vacations use math to
find time of arrivals and departures to plan trips. Here are some researched math orientated careers. Everyone Needs Math If you want to be a banker, you must earn your bachelor's degree, have good communication skills, and read financial newspapers and journals. You may continue your education if your not satisfied with the results.
The average salary is $85,000. A master's or PH.D. in economics is needed for many jobs. The average pay was $90,830 in May 2008 and $108,010 in May 2009. To become a teacher, you must get your bachelor's degree, some student teaching experience, and a teaching certificate. An elementary teacher gets about $27,409-$62,342. Middle school teacher gets $29,342-$65,241. High school teachers get $30,185-$68,217.
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