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showers are the third largest water users in a household

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Merva Elghrably

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of showers are the third largest water users in a household

Water Efficient Shower
Team members: Mohammed Iqbal, Merva El-Gharably, Matthew Owens
Date: October, 22. 2015
Group: 3
Showers are the
third largest water users
in a household
Average showers lasts for
over 8 minutes
Every minutes wastes around
9.5 liters of water.
151.4 liters of water
is wasted daily in a household regarding the usage of showers
4.5 trillion liters of water
is wasted in the shower per year in America only
Graphical Depiction:
Main water wastage in a shower

• When waiting for the water to reach the right temperature
• When applying shampoo
• When scrubbing

Why Pressure Sensors?
Pressure sensors are more reliable
Infrared – different temperatures of air and water
Motion – reacts to moving water, possible major error
Integrated into floor of the shower
Does not reduce quality of flow or heat
Reduces water during every use
Able to be implemented into old & new shower models
Design Project I – Creativity
Electrical Schematic
*All measurements in centimeters
*All measurements in centimeters
Water Valve Orthographic /Isometric Drawing
Graphical Depiction:
Pressure Sensor Orthographic/ Isometric Drawing
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