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The journey of an oxygen molecule

In this presentation, I will talk about the oxygen molecules entering the bloodstream.

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Transcript of The journey of an oxygen molecule

The journey of an oxygen molecule Created by Simon Sampene This is Johnathan, he is called an 'Oxygen molecule.' A oxygen molecule has one of the most important and vital role. He is needed in order for each and every one of our body cells to produce energy.

Now Johnathan has entered an athlete's body through their nose. (An oxygen molecule can enter from both mouth or nose.) Jimmy has now started his journey through the respiratory system. This is the trachea Firstly, Johnathan travels down the trachea or can also be known as the windpipe along with more oxygen molecules. The trachea is a hollow, boney tube allowing respiratory air (Oxygen molecules) to pass through. Trachea connects our nose to the mouth and then down to the lungs, it is located in front of our neck.
While Johnathan is going down the trachea, he quickly brushed against the cilia. The cilia is a short, hairlike vibrating structure. It is responsible for preventing bacteria or dirt from clogging onto the lungs These are the bronchus,
as you can see,
it is divided in to
more bronchioles Next, the trachea led Johnathan to the bronchus which is located just below the trachea. The bronchus is the major air passage of the lungs, it looks like branches. It is then divided into 2, and the further Johnathan went, the bronchus divided into more tiny and narrowed bronchus called 'bronchioles' This is an Alveoli. After traveling down bronchioles, Johnathan found him self at a dead end. Although, at the end of each bronchioles, there are tiny air sacs called Alveoli. Johnathan has now entered the Alveoli. (Singular: Alveolus) The Alveolus is shaped like group of grapes and is where the gas exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place. Johnathan passes through the wall of the capillary and finally, he was in the blood stream. The capillary absorbs oxygen molecules and transport them to the blood stream. Johnathan then sees his ride, the Red blood cell (RBC). The RBCs are red in color because they contain a chemical called 'Hemoglobin.' The oxygen poor blood (de-oygenated blood) was being pumped to the heart through the pulmonary artery. As soon as Johnathan hops onto the the RBC, it transform into oxygen rich. This is the blood stream
that Jimmy is traveling down As Johnathan passes through an RBC down the blood stream, He then realizes that the pulmonary artery was taking him to the heart where he will be pumped around the body. This is a diagram of the process Now, the pulmonary artery has taken Johanthan to the heart where he is pumped to each and every cell of our body through the artery. Once Johnathan was pumped by the heart, He was heading for a muscle in the arm of the athlete where he will be going to an RBC in order to produce energy. As he got closer to the RBC, Johnathan had noticed that there had already been glucose molecules and water waiting to be transformed into energy. As Johnathan joined with the two molecules, they made energy!!
Equation: Oxygen+Glucose---> Energy+carbon dioxide+water The problem is... Johnathan has now turned from an oxygen molecule to carbon dioxide! Now he has to escape and breathe out the athlete's body. This is Jimmy's journey back Since Johnathan is now carbon dioxide, he is considered a waste product. Therefore, Johnathan has to make his way out of the athlete's body.
Johnathan hops back onto an RBC which took him to the heart then lungs, alveoli, bronchus, bronchiols, trachea and finally the nose. Now, Johnnathan has been exhaled out of the Athlete's body along with other carbon dioxide and he is free into the opened world. This is a carbon dioxide molecule The end, thank you for
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