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Shizuka Nakano

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Globalization

Effect of globalization Language Food Sport Migration Fashion Explanation:
In Japan, government decides to put the English curriculum from Elementary 5-6. They had English class from middle school but they didn’t have English class from elementary school. They wanted to rear “Japanese English Speaker” and they thought English is important as Japanese are. They decided to put English curriculum from elementary school. In elementary, the classes are once a week but they wanted students to get use to speak Japanese. This had started from 2009, April. Statement:
English language are effecting Japanese language in good way Explanation-
These days in many countries, they are losing there own traditional foods shop and the fast food shop has been increasing. When we go to shopping centre we don’t see many restaurants as much as fast foods. This had affected by globalization and I think this is not good way for losing there own traditional food. Statement-
Losing traditional foods + increasing fast foods Globalization Define the process of making something such as a business operate in a lot of different countries all around world. Culture Define Way of life accepted by people in a particular society what is my culture? These makes Japanese Culture

Traditonal clothes are famous (Yukata/kimono)
Japanese are polite
developed countries; compare to other
have many famous companies (Toyota, Mitsubishi)
losing own traditional clothes by globalization. Explanation-
In many countries, many people think that most people always wear traditional clothes. But in these days, they wear normal clothes. For example, in Japan they wear Kimono/Yukata on special days such as festival and New Year but for other days they don’t wear Kimono/yukata. Changed....) Statement-
Sumo has been world sports…? Explanation-
Globalization has been affected the Sumo by television, internet and newspaper. Mostly it affected by television and it spread to all over world. It made the spread because that some of television made some interviews for some of Sumo players. Statement-
migration affected other countries in bad ways. Explanation-
These days, many companies have jobs outside of countries (migration). This had been affected by globalization and it can make the companies make bigger, knowledge and get more technology from other countries. Also other countries can make the product cost more cheaper than their own countries. Same company in other countries THANKS YOU)

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