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Global Warming

No description

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Global Warming

What is Global warming?
background info
Burning fossil fuels and cutting down trees effects and causes Global warming because Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is released in the air.

The result is polar and glacial ice melt, rising sea levels, extreme weather. Causing natural systems struggling to keep up. The question is will global warming ever go away?
Burning fossil fuels
Many factories use fossil fuels to power machines, and at the same time make new produced goods. Yes production is great but the burning of fossil fuels (coal) isn't healthy for the Earths atmosphere.
What causes Global warming?
-Burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas, for energy. (Powers vehicles, heats and cools buildings)
-Deforestation (cutting down trees for various reasons)

Sarah Leal
Global Warming
The gradual increase in the temperature of the Earths atmosphere. Carbon dioxide and other air pollutions are collected in the Earths atmosphere causing it to heat and warm up drastically. Many factors can cause Global warming.
Polar bear seen here,
suffers and as he
suggles to stay dry on
whats left of his land.
Discovery Channel
Distinction, drought, crop failure, and an ending food supply are all effecting factors of climate change. Places are over are having to deal with extreme climate change, starting to run out of solutions to how to control still today Global Warming.
The increase of climate change results in high winds, floods, hurricanes and many other tragic storms. With warmer temperatures people have became ill and have caught diseases due to the weather conditions.
70 species of frogs, 100-200 cold dependent animals such as penguins, 300 breeding pairs to just nine in the western Antarctic Peninsula have been killed due to Global warming and the climate change.
"Brown into to green" Every product made into brown should instead, go green.
Plant trees
Reducing carbon dioxide will and has intervene with the economic system
The prevention of Global warming will forever be the hardest task to overcome
Conserve energy

According the National Wildlife Federation
: Global warming spending cost 22.2 billion every year
Still global warming is still one of the biggest problems in the world
Since 1970 the Global warming trend went from .15 to .20 Celsius (no reduction)
Warmest years in history were 1997 to 2008
just 2 yrs ago scientist recorded sea level rise is happening faster than ever before
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