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Taylor Biederwolf

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Medea

By: Shania, Arima, Taylor, Kalie, and Sam

In the hero story, Medea,is about how marriage vows mean everything, and when broken your partner seeks revenge.
Hero's Journey
This occurs when Medea hears the news that her plan to kill Jason's new wife, Glauce and her father was successful. She then decides to kill her sons to get back at Jason for breaking their wedding vows. She kills her sons by giving them herbs to make them fall asleep, and then chops up their bodies. She does this, because they are the most important thing to Jason and she wants him to feel the pain that he made her feel when he met Glauce.
Relation to Today:
Most parents would not kill their children to get back at their unfaithful partner, but rather just get a divorce. In this story though it is frowned upon to get a divorce for wedding vows are meant to be highly valued. It could be related to how revenge is not always the sweetest. Some people take others for granted, resulting in the ultimate betrayal.
"And as she left Jason called after her, "Corinth is well rid of you, Medea! Bury my sons! And find refuge in Athens, if you can. But as you fly through the heavens, discover what I now know. Those who walk the Earth bear the heavy yoke of suffering. But the deathless gods are not to blame. For there are no gods!" (241).

Stop the video when it goes back to talk show
This video relates to the Medea story, because like the father in the video Medea seeks revenge upon her husband by killing her children.
Jason and Medea
Step 4:Into the Abyss
Step 4 Into the Abyss
Stop after fleeing to Athens
Stop after she talks about killing Glauce
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Samantha's Reinactment

This shows that Jason has learned Medea true colors. He believes she will suffer for what she has done, and she can not blame anyone else but herself. Medea, like many others of today she can not hide from who she is.
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