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How to make your very own Flapjacks!

The most fabulous flapjacks ever!

Alice Hargreaves

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of How to make your very own Flapjacks!

How to make your very own Flapjacks! The best ever flapjacks... Ingredients Butter
120g Soft Brown Sugar
150g Golden Syrup
3 Tablespoons Other fruits of your own choice Apple
1 Porridge Oats
240g Sunflower Seeds
30g Method Heat the sugar, golden syrup and butter together in a saucepan until melted Remove from heat and stir in the porridge oats, sunflower seeds and salt Step 4 Step 5 Peel and grate the apple Step 8 Step 7 Step 6 Now stir in the grated apple Chopp up any fruits of your choice and stir them into the mixture Step 3 Pour the mixture into the tin and spread evenly Step 1 Preheat the oven to 175 degrees, gas mark 4 Step 2 Grease and line the baking tin Bake for 20-25 mins, until slightly crisp and golden Step 9 Pinch of Salt What you will need Saucepan Wooden Spoon Scales Chopping Board Knife Wire Rack 20cm Square Baking Tin Greaseproof paper Final Stage Leave to cool for 5 mins on a wire rack, then cut it into squares Serving Suggestions Try sprinkling them
over ice cream or trifle for a
unique and tasty dessert

Great for packed lunches!
Recommended fruits Apricot
For a more unhealthy option... Try adding chocolate for a special treat "They are lovely,
especially with chocolate!"

Grace Hargreaves, Age 9 "Mmmm... tasty"
Helen Hargreaves, Age 41 "They are really nice and not too hard or crunchy"
Jess Armitage, Age 13
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