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Wheatley Record of Fame '16-'17!

No description

Nerissa Manela

on 7 April 2017

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Transcript of Wheatley Record of Fame '16-'17!

Record of Fame!
Half Note Club
Quarter Note Club
Eighth Note Club
Whole Note Club
Abigail Daniel
Jayla Gordon
Samantha McGilvrey
Pracillia Sanon

John Davis
Antwan Doctor
Keyshia Martinez
Selena Perez-Alvarado
Laurann Philpot
Akeelah Pressley

Miguel Celestino
Malia Dukes
Martez Rolle
Ariana Vicente
Wisdom Fleming
Jamea Fleurant
Gerald Humbert
Federico Rizo
Jonsly Sanchez
Tatiana Sanon
Damar Williams

Laura Brown
Enderson Fernandez
Darixon Flores
Jamyyah Hunter
Afrienque Pettway

Angel Davis
Hakeem Henry
Gleniese Madison
Jancarlos Martinez
Alexis Rios-Luis
Nysheria Sanon
Ozie Terrell
Keishundra Watts

Travia Fort
Scarleth Martine
Amirah Williams
Glennaejah Madison

Dy'Sia Hicks
Tanieyah Jules
Toussani Parker
Gabriela Paz
Grimanesa Alvarado
Hazel Nijon
Alexander Ruiz
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