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No description

Emily Matthews

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Dance

Partner Dancing
The Benefits of Dance

The history of dance

The benefits of dance

What is dance?

Why do we dance?

Different types of dance

What dance really is
What Is Dance?
En pointe shoes
Toe shoes
Male ballet shoes
Longer ballet dresses
The Different Types of Dance
Jazz boots
Jazz clothes
Jazz shoes
Wedged sneakers
Urban dance clothes
Urban dancers
Lyrical costume
Contemporary costume
Foot thongs
Half sole ballet slippers
Tap shoes
The quick step
The salsa
The tango
Slow dance
The Basics of Dance
Dance is an art form involving moving your feet and/or body, especially in time to music.
You can do it by yourself, with a whole dance group or with a partner.
Dance isn't just all technical work, you can also do a happy dance or dance with joy - every body does it.
There are many different types of dance.
Dance is not only an art form, but also a sport.
It is also considered a team sport.
Dance blah blah ofjghuiwrebg erojhg
Dance made history blah blah.
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Everybody loves dance dance is cool...dfhkrbgieurgb
Dictionary deinition:ihrsbwfv iryeigfisrhbev ieurgtryiebg viehbgriyregreuihiuebgvkdfbiegtryegt
Love dance ballet, jazz, tap, tribal, modern, urban ,street dance, breakdance, irish dance, scottland dance, hip hop
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Yeah go dance dance is just really interesting and cool and whatever
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Th definition of dance is that you move your feet precisily in time to the music with a partner or by ur self aqjf yea
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siyewftvufufe4btbg8euy4hvfaiw7465yto923ibfbvhbjrtegujbg 1963 2010 dkfjbgoebirtgeriubiue
uirgbe iygt
Dance keeps you fit and healthy.
It allows you to let out your emotions.
It entertains other people.
It gives you something to do.
Dance gives you an experience of being on stage.
You can make friends by going to practises.
It makes you feel part of a team.
The History of Dance
What Dance Really Is
Before man could speak, they shared their emotions and feelings through dancing so actually, dance has been around since there were ever humans on earth.
But the first ever recorded dancers were the aboriginal people of America, Australia and Africa.
The first ever official dance was ballet but jazz and tribal dances were create a long while back where no one was there to film it.
Dance actually uses up so much energy.
Dancers can go through so much pain shown in the picture.
Dance seems so easy but it's actually very hard but we just make it look easy because that's the point of dance.
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