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No description

kayla wilson

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Cyrano

Cyrano De Burgerac Act I Act II Act III Act IV Act V The setting is the Hall
of the Hotel de Bourgogne,
a theater. The play "La Clorise" was never finished
because Cyrano yelled at Montfleury to
get off the stage in the count of three
or he will kill him. Ligniere writes nasty things.
He insults De Guiche with his writing.
People (100 men) want to kill Ligniere. Valvert insults Cyrano about
his nose and Cyrano responds with
mocking Valvert, who challenges him
to a duel. As Cyrano and Valvert fight,
Cyrano comes up with a poem that
matches exactly the action of the duel.
On the last line of the refrain, he thrusts,
and Valvert falls backwards, beaten. Roxane tells Cyrano that
she loves Christian, even though
they have never spoken. Christian
also loves Roxane. Cyrano hates Montfleury because
one day Montfleury glanced
flirtatiously at the woman whom
Cyrano loves. He is also a very bad actor. Cyrano has many insecurities
concerning his nose and many
romantic failures. He can never
reveal his love to Roxane because
of his appearance.
Roxane and Cyrano
are going to meet.
Duenna arranges it. The cook, Ragueneau, has
written all of his recipes
in the forms of poems. He gives
away baked goods to poets in return
for their verses. Ragueneau's wife has made
a new batch of paper bags
for the shop. They are made
from poet's manuscripts. Ligniere has one hundred
men waiting to kill him
and he asks Cyrano if he can
stay with him for the night
and Cyrano says he will fight the
one hundred men and escort Ligniere safely home.
Cyrano cut his hand
fighting the one hundred men and Ragueneau's wife, Lise, asks about it at the
bakery. Cyrano gives the Duenna
pastries to distract her so
he and Roxane can be alone. When Cyrano and Roxane met,
they reminisced about the
childhood summers they spent
together. Roxane sees a lovers soul through their eyes. She thinks she has seen the true soul of Christian. Roxane asks a promise of
Cyrano that he will be
Christian's friend and
that he won't get in trouble
or fight in duels. Christian and Cyrano
bargain by forming one
hero of romance.
Christian- the looks.
Cyrano- the wit. De Guiche had hired the
one hundred men that Cyrano fought. They were meant to kill Ligniere for insulting
De Guiche. Christian cannot write to Roxane fearing
that she will lose fealing for him if she
reads his words. Cyrano agrees to write to her for him. He really wants to express his true fealings to her. Ragueneu tries to commit suicide
by hanging himself because his
wife left him and business is in
ruins, but Cyrano cuts the rope down
just in time. Roxane loves a man who can
speak in a way that is very
poetic. She thinks Christian
can speak like that, but really
it is Cyrano who is doing all of
the talking. De Guiche got promoted to
Colonal- commands the guards (Christian). Roxane gets mesmerized by
Cyrano's poetry, even though
she thinks it's Christian. Christian seems tongue-tied around
Roxane and all he can say is "I love you".
Roxane gets very annoyed by that because
she wants him to speak poetically. While Cyrano is seducing Roxane with his
poetry (she thinks it is really Christian
doing this), Christian pops out from under
the balcony and offers a kiss to Roxane. A Capuchin priest finds his way to Roxane's house and gives her a letter from De Guiche. She improvises while reading the letter telling the priest that De Guiche wants Christian and Roxane married at once. Also, there will be a great deal of money given to the convent in exchange.
Cyrano is waiting outside to prevent De Guiche to interrupt the wedding. De Guiche appears and Cyrano jumps on him from a tree exclaiming he had just fallen off the moon. He jumps into his stories of his travels in space. Cyrano finally announces that Roxane and Christian are now married and De Guiche tells Christian that he has to leave immediately and that he is going to war after all. Christian promised that he would write to Roxane every day. So, Cyrano has been writing the letters. Every day he has to cross enemy lines to be able to mail them. Even when his army is surrounded by encamped Spaniards. Cyrano wants to die with dignity- by a sword. De Guiche flung his white scarf that marked him as an officer off when he was getting chased by Spaniards. Cyrano says that a brave man would never have flung the scarf and he offers to wear it at the next battle. De Guiche says that Cyrano only says that because the scarf is laying somewhere on enemy lines when in fact, Cyrano has it in his pocket and pulls it out. Roxane shows up at camp unexpectedly. The guards let her though because she "had to see her lover". She came because of the letters Cyrano was sending. Ragueneau appears at the camp and with him he has a feast. The cadets hide the food from De Guiche. They offer him some food after deciding that he was a Gascon, but he refuses- the cadets are even more impressed. Roxane admits to Christian that she first loved him only for his beauty. But, now she would love him even if he were ugly. Christian gets very sad when Roxane tells him she would love him even if he were ugly because Cyrano is the one she really loves, even though she doesn't know it. She loves Christian's poetic self, but really it is all Cyrano. Cyrano has two deaths to avenge: Christian's and his own. He feels like part of him died when Christian died because he told Roxane how he felt through his letters to her. He has his own death to avenge because he will die in the battle.
Roxane now lives
at a convent,
15 years later Cyrano jokes around
with the nuns and
pretends not to
be Catholic.
He makes them laugh. Roxane keeps Christian's
last letter with her
at all times. Cyrano has visited
Roxane every Saturday
for more than ten years. Cyrano attacks fake
saints, fake heroes,
and fake artists. De Guiche is jealous of the way
Cyrano lives his life.
He was also in love
with Roxane. Cyrano walked under a window and some lackeys pushed a giant log on to him, cracking his skull, killing him. Cyrano was reading Christian's last
letter aloud and it became too dark to
be able to read, but Cyrano could still
read it. Roxane realized that it was
Cyrano all along writing the letters.
It was his soul she loved. Roxane lost Christian,
a man whom she thought
she loved. But, then
she found out she
really loved Cyrano
all along and then he died. Cyrano wishes he could
die like a falling
leaf because they die
so gracefully. De Guiche is hated by the
cadets because he uses huge
bandages for small wounds and
he eats a lot. He also wears
lace on his collar and is rude. De Guiche used a Spanish spy to tell him where to attack so Cyrano and Christian would die. Roxane pretends to love De Guiche, advising him on how to avenge himself on Cyrano. This convenient tactic also keeps Christian from going off to battle. Roxane Cyrano A letter At the
Convent Cyrano
Christian Suprise
Visitors The Colonel The Plan The Poetic One Ragueneau Cyrano's flaws Duels "La Clorise" Roxane The Bakery Cyrano's new
ally Roxane
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