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Reggio Emilia Approach

No description

Emma Pugh

on 24 January 2018

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Transcript of Reggio Emilia Approach

Reggio Emilia
Reggio Emilia Approach
What did you notice in the video?
Adopting Reggio Emilia on Vancouver Island?

Lack of written curriculum and formal model - follows the children's interests rather than academic outcomes and goals
No specific Reggio Emilia certification required by teachers
Classroom may become chaotic if there is no specific outcomes being taught or whole group instruction
Resources in Canada are different than the resources that are available in Italy
Example: Fallen tree stumps
Bowley, G. (2007). The garlanded classroom. Retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com/2007/09/23/nyregion/thecity/23regg.html?pagewanted=print&_r=0

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Spielgaben. (2013). Comparison among Froebel, Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Waldorf-Steiner Methods - Part 1. Retrieved from http://www.spielgaben.com/comparison-froebel-montessori-reggio-waldorf-part-1

Publisher: Nelson College Indigenous; 3 edition (Jan. 20 2011)
Authentic Childhood: Experiencing Reggio Emilia in the Classroom Paperback – Jan 20 2011
by Susan Fraser
Children are full of curiosity and creativity
Goal: to nurture a lifelong passion for learning and exploration among children
Environmental Stimulation
Student interests help guide classroom activities
Time is set by child's needs and interests, not by the clock
Karlee, Sara, Emma, and Taylor
Children develop a hundred languages of expression
Children's rights are respected as they construct their own learning
Parental involvement
Documentation allows parents and children to revisit experiences
Business aspect
People try adopting the framework exactly like it is in Reggio Emilia Italy
Children are left alone at times
Take away message...
Most ECE frameworks have positive and negative aspects
Important to incorporate yourself and your beliefs into the framework
dried orange peel
tangles of wire
colored beads
tin cans
Implementing Reggio Emilia in Canada
How would it look in a Canadian School System?
Societal beliefs are different in Canada
Example: Reggio environments do not contain much structure. To canadians, the environment may appear chaotic.
"There are certain limitations that make it impossible to replicate in perfect form, however reconstructing the approach makes it possible to consider a similar pedagogy that makes it achievable within the Canadian Education system."
- Authentic Childhood: Experiencing Reggio Emilia in the Classroom by Susan Fraser
Classrooms will never be a direct replication when outside the walls of culture.
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