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Life of George Washington Carver

No description

M2K Kids

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Life of George Washington Carver

Life of George Washington Carver
Adult years
After so many years I moved out and decided to go to high land college. I got the invitation so I was on my way but Highland was a white people school.I was sad but I was invited to Simpson college.I was excited to start and it was for black people! I had to quit my cooking job to start college.
Middle Years
I wanted to go to school when I was ten.So I ran away to Neosho to go to Lincoln school for black children. But I ended up at a house.I was tired so I fell asleep . I was really hungry when I woke up so I picked some berries and climbed a wood pile.Then a woman came out saying '' What are you doing on my wood pile.''I was so scared I was about to run away.She was small but looked strong.But she had a friendly look in her eye.I was no longer afraid. I told her I was new here and I don't have ma or pa,and I told her I wanted to go to school. She said it was too early for school but said she would let him stay.Mariah and Andy Watkins didn't have any children so they let me stay and they said there were happy.
Early life
When I was a baby my mother was kidnapped by night riders.I was sad because she took care of me.I was born a slave.So they wanted her. My owners Moses and Susan Carver had to give away there fastest horse so a man can find her but he could not find her but for trying he still gave away the horse.So we started calling the Carvers Uncle Moses and Aunt Susan.We helped around the farm.I got interested in plants. So I learned about plants. I helped people with
I was a teacher at tuskegee school.I taught science and worked on plants. I taught the students how to plant and we did experiments on plants. When school was over I still worked in my labratory and noticed that cotton that farmers farmed were spoiling soil.So I came up with more than five hundred ways to use peanuts and sweet potatoes. Then farmers started planting those instead of cotton.
there garden troubles and at only 7 years I was called the plant doctor. I walked in the woods and even had a secret garden.It was sorta like a plant hospital. I helped dying plants.
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