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Appverse Mobile Approach

No description

Tere Trepat

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of Appverse Mobile Approach

Mobile Solution Build
Service Enterprise
AppStore + + + HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for the development of the presentation layer. Native code to enrich the possibilities of the web standards. With a Build Server put it on the cloud you can go from code to apps effortlessly! HTML5
JavaScript Native Code
Android One build to rule them all! Appverse Mobile Approach Appverse Mobile is an open-source mobile development platform developed by GFT Appverse. It allows developers to use HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and to leverage native functionalities of a mobile device to build apps. Contact us! Get involved! GFT Group | T +49 6196 969-0 | www.gft.com | info@gft.com Appverse Mobile Features Open innovation is catalyzed by Open-Source so we're staying "open"! Touch, Multi-touch, Natural... User Experience is the key differentiator! Appverse Mobile allows to have the same application running on different native platforms: Build Process · Support for touch, multi-touch and natural UI right out of the box - even within the emulation environment!
· Apps that can see, sense and react to your needs - from computer vision to kinetic! When it comes to... Security you can bank on us! · Our platform handles security behind the scenes so you can focus on functionality and user experience!
· From certificate validation to encrypted storage. GFT
Know How Enterprise AppStore Deploy, distribute and manage apps
within your organisation. A simple enterprise appstore in order to distribute your apps to the company over-the-air... with its own Enterprise Appstore client! · iOS, Android, Windows Phone...
· Documents and Media artifacts...
· Scalable and secure
· Suitable for any size organization Our Know How We help you deliver your company’s mobile strategy: Consulting Project
Management Certification
Provisioning Innovation
Prototypes Apps & Analytics Our technical know-how helps you define your mobile strategy, identify your target audience, and conceptualize your ideas. Security: Need a Business Model or a Project Leader? We help you and your organisation execute projects, both onsite and near-shore. We assist you manage deployments and certifications. Focus on your next cool app and we’ll make sure it runs at its best meeting all legal requirements on the main mobile platforms. User Research, Proof of Concept, UI Design, Wireframing, and Prototyping. Everything to ensure the success of your development process! We’ll advise you on the best way to release your app to all leading app markets and how to track them! Rock solid apps with Appverse Mobile! Want to know more? Talk to us! Appverse Mobile 1 2 3 That sounds
interesting, right? Upload Configure Compile Deliver ... your application code ... developer certificates and profiles · Defining target platforms and preferences for each platform.
· Encrypting the code locally and uploading it to the build server.
· Starting the build process... and let's see the progress! · Easily configure your provisioning profiles, notification configuration, ad-hoc or distribution build parameters, etc...
· Template driven configuration minimizes your effort in defining and maintaining configurations!
· Use the templates throughout your build projects to manage your configuration efficiently. ... for multiple platforms · Our build platform hides the complexities of multiple platform specific SDK's.
· Server builds native binaries for each of the selected target devices.
· Whether it's an ad-hoc build, enterprise build or retail build... we've got you covered!
· You choose how to distribute... ... to retail or enterprise app markets! · Our binaries may be uploaded to app markets such as Apple's AppStore, Google Play or Microsoft Market... and others! Go! · Or you may upload enterprise apps to your own Enterprise Store... Your Appstore, your branding - full control!
Manage users and apps with ease. Build Server on the cloud UX Subscription based service Cloud Build GFT
Experience · iOS, Android and Windows
· Rich API to interact with the native device
· Well documented APIs
· Contribute! Well defined process for contributing!
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