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Behind the Design

No description

Fathom Creative

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Behind the Design

BEHIND THE DESIGN A peek into the brands of our Capitol. 1996 2008 1988 2000 1992 2004 ? Symbols are all around us. They help us by defining
proper social behavior. They tell us what to do. They show us our boundaries. The symbols we know have deep meaning. But they also have deep history. Symbols such as flags are so powerful that they represent entire nations of people. Although not all are designed well. Some are just plain old wrong. Ah, here's a pretty example :) The original DC flag comes from the seal of George Washington. Quite fitting... This design could have been the new altered logo.
Thankfully it didn't get approved. Flags aren't the only symbols around the District. Our baseball team was going to use this symbol as their wonderfully patriotic logo. But this symbol was chosen instead. Because the old team's symbol was what people remembered! Many commuters stare at this symbol every day to and from their jobs in the District. It's just one of many... many... MANY... ...symbols used to depict mass
transit around the world. These symbols a quite well know in this town. But when it comes to politics... ...everyone seems to do things... ...the exact same way...
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