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Troublesome Pairs

Commonly confused words :)

Adriel Duncan

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Troublesome Pairs

Troublesome Pairs :) Sit and Set Booties Sit! Objects Set! Lie and Lay Bodies Lie (Rest) Objects Lay Affect and Effect Affect-to act on; to
move the feelings of Effect-something
produced by a cause; result. Accept and Except Accept - to take
or receive. Except-excluding
(leave out) May and Can
"Dad, can I go to the bathroom?"
"I don't know, can you?"
"May I go to the bathroom?"
"YES YOU MAY!" May-permission;
"manners" Can-to have ability Its and It's Its-possessive

It's-it is;
contraction It's not easy being green! The monkey ate its banana. Their, There, and They're To, Too, and Two their-possessive pronoun there-place they're-they are; contraction to-preposition

too-excess! too much, too big

two-number The kids went to the beach on their vacation. They're having fun playing in the water. I wish I was there! My family went to get ice cream. My little brother asked if he could have two scoops. "That's way too much sugar for you!" mama said.
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