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Middle East Prezi

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Jeffrey Hulbert

on 25 November 2017

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Transcript of Middle East Prezi

Events in the
Middle East

Many of these countries
were once a part of the
Ottoman Empire.

Characteristics of Jews
Problem Countries of the Middle East
PLO- Terrorist are people that attack other countries when they themselves do not have a country.
Two major Ethnic Groups in Israel
Added Regions to Israel
Israels Wars
Negev Desert Irrigation
led to successful growing
Religion of Islam
All Muslims believe in God
Are followers of Mohammed
Read the Koran " The Reading"
Believe 5 Pillars of Faith
a. Profession of faith
b. Pray 5 times a day
c. Pay a tax to help the needy
d. Fast during the month of Ramadan
e. Make a pilgrimage to Mecca if we are able, but
Jerusalem is a holy city along with Jews and
Then Came the Split
Mohammed Dies
1. 1979 Iranian Revolution - Radical conservative 2.1980's Iraq and Iran would fight one another
3. 1990 Iraq attacks Kuwait for it oil fields, also clear path to the Persian Gulf ( Persian Gulf War).
a. US would put economic sanction on Iraq to ensure that they were not producing chemical weapons.
b.2001 US attacks Iraq, for violating treaty to not produce chemical weapons. ( Desert Storm)
Well Educated
1. Gaza Strip - Egypt 1967

2. West Bank - Jordan 1967

3. Golan Heights - Syria 1973
1. 1948- Attacked by Egypt, Jordan Syria, Lebanon
Result Israel wins.

2. 1967- (Six Day War) Same groups attack Israel
Results Israel in 6 days Is. gets W. Bank and Gaza Strip

3. 1973- (Yom Kippur War)
Result- Israel Wins Get Golan Heights

1976- Camp David Accord Jimmy Carter, PM Begin
Sadat of Egypt meet to discuss plans to maintain
peace in the region.
1. Ashkenazi
a. Northern and Eastern Europe
b. Wealthier group
c. Well educated/ Westernized
d. Run Gov't and Industry
Lebanon - once was considered the Paris of the M.E.
- Where people went to vacation
-1980- Am. Troops are attacked by truck bomber 200 soldiers killed
-Am pulls out
- Different factions, groups started fighting.
1. Main abundant Natural
2. OPEC -
Important to Israel because they are
Buffer Zones from being attacked.
Expanded Territory for more room to Grow.
Driest region is Negev Desert.
2. Sephardic
a. Immigrants from Northern Africa S.W Asia
b. Less educated
c. Work Class/ Lower Class
Middle East is always hiring skilled workers.
1. Israel has give back the Gaza Strip
2. Egypt has agree not attack
Result = Good results
a Sadat is assassinated for signing the truce.
Next leader maintains treaty.
When the wars over most Arabs living in
those regions that Israel captured
flee to surrounding Arab nations.
P = Palestinian
L= Liberation
O= Organization
Syria - relies on Rainfall to water its crops- not very efficient.
Oman- use Falaj System - which is an system of underground and surface canals.
Terrorist Hijackers
of Airlines in

Yemen- country formed from two countries to improve economy.
O= organization
P= Petroleum
E= Exporting
C = Countries
Fighting in the
Region is the result of Internal and Geographical Differences
Elect new leader who was an adviser to Mohammed
Abu Bakar the first Caliph
Believe it should have been a relative
They are poorer
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
85% Muslims are Sunni
Wars of the Middle East
Other Facts about the Region
1. Of the countries in the region, it is most likely to see women in turkey dressing in western style clothing.
2. The people of Cyprus has strong historical ties to Turkey and Greece.
3. The Caspian Depression is area near the Caspian Sea that is lower than sea level.
4. Iran and Turkey share Geographical characteristics that they both have central plateaus surrounded by mountains
1948 get Independence
Balfour Declaration
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