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Introduction to Work Experience

No description


on 1 February 2017

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Transcript of Introduction to Work Experience

Work Experience
All pupils undertake a one week placement in Year 11
21st – 25th November 2011
Pupils may go to any safe workplace which is insured, and which wants to have them
It's all About You!
You do your own
You contact
the placement
You create a Portfolio on
on a Work Experience
You review
What will I get from my placement?
You will learn more about the skills required in modern workplaces
You will learn more about the expectations and requirements of modern workplaces
You will be better equipped to enter the world of work at age 16, 17, 18 or after university
30 hours!
What happens next?
Research jobs, careers and placements
Create your own CV
Apply for your work experience placement
You secure your placement
Return your Work Experience application form by Friday 2nd June at the very latest
Placements are checked that they meet health and safety and insurance requirements
Placements go ahead on 21st November 2011!
Careers and Higher Education Fair
All students undertake a one week placement in Year 11
13th – 17th November 2017
You may go to any safe workplace which is insured, and which wants to have you
30 hours!
Placements start on Monday 13th November 2017
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