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No description

Will Parker Roe

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Dore2Dore

dore2dore Vision high quality service collaboration enhanced community your campus. your food. your place. Concept dore2dore: a third-party delivery service for Taste of Nashville off-campus dining locations that do not currently deliver. students may use their Commodore Cash/Meal Money accounts to have their favorite foods delivered for a small fee. target market Vanderbilt students:

95 of 100 surveyed said they would pay for a delivery service from restaurants that accept the Commodore Card.

of those 95, 75% noted they would pay at least $3 for such a service. competition none. price comparison. overall: a win-win situation for VU Dining, the T.O.N. program, and the participating restaurants. strategy leverage students' familiarity with ordering food via the Taste of Nashville program. place a marketing emphasis on the value added to the student experience and time saved from utilizing our dore2dore services.

purchase advertising space in established, on-campus outlets such as the Hustler, the Slant, and InsideVandy.com

utilize social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook for direct viral marketing. financials 15% of d2d revenues to be paid to Vanderbilt Dining as compensation for new synergies created.

should 25% of the undergraduate population use dore2dore once a month: $38,216 in gross revenues.

should 50% of the same population utilize our services twice a month for one school year: $152,865 in gross revenus.
strategy q & a? financials break even point: 4 orders per hour of paying driver
costs associated
bike: $2800
wages: $7.25 per hour plus $0.25 per run
gas: $10 per 240 miles
potential $1000 website and infrastructure development
demand driven business model
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