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Michael Rasdall

on 4 August 2016

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Transcript of TEPS704-16B

Assignment 1-Managing the classroom

Managing Health and Physical Education
Managing in the classroom
Establish Positive Relationships

Be confident in your teaching

Know what behaviour is acceptable in your classroom

Establish Positive Relationships
Positive relationships with students can make it easier for you to employ management related strategies (Charles, 2005)
Be confident in your teaching
Teachers can think negatively about their own ability in the classroom...this can result in a disruptive classroom and can make it harder for you to manage (Glynn et al, 2005)
Know what behaviour is acceptable in the classroom
Knowing expectations around behaviour allows you to react to situations in a professional and reasonable way (Glynn et al 2005., Charles, 2005)
Managing outside of the classroom
Establish Routines

Manage Equipment Well

Outline Boundaries
Establish Routines
Establishing routines allows students to become familiar with processes before class. As a result, more time is spent on learning (Rink, 2010)
Manage Equipment Well
Being smart with distribution of equipment can reduce transition time between activities (Schempp, 2003
Outline Boundaries
Boundaries can make it easier for you to manage students, keeping them in a smaller area means they can respond to instruction faster (Tannehill, van der Mars & MacPhail (2015)
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