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2 Griffin dollars

No description

Andrew Bray

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of 2 Griffin dollars

A Damn Fine Institution!
Chad le Clos wins Gold! 2012
2 Griffin dollars
Westville, Bernard House, 1941
Vol. Grade 8 2015
A School of Excellence!
From Then to Now!
Westville High School, founded in 1955, celebrates their 60th anniversary in 2015. We look at the developments and progress of what is now known as Westville Boys' High School!
Bernard House
Now the Bernard Quad
Orginal Building 1947-50
Ted Maddams Media Centre 1994
School Hall ( 1962)
Roy Couzens Theater (2010)
The South Wing ( 1963 - 1973)
The East Wing
(1971 -193)
Tennis Courts
Multi- Purpose Centre
Speech Nights
Memorial Services
Sporting facilities
Sports Office
School Shows
Commons' Field

Computer Room (1982)
Terry Nevin Quad
(Basket Ball)

Chad le Clos Pool
Swimming Pool (1974)

Chad Ho Pool (2014)
Bowden's Field

Bowden's Pavillion
Long Room
New School Foyer
Art Centre
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