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Suppose You Wanted To Be The Best In Your Market

You're big and you need transformation. Do you know how to achieve it? This shows you how.

Arturo F Munoz

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Suppose You Wanted To Be The Best In Your Market

Suppose You Wanted To Be The Best In Your Market Do You Have A Roadmap To Get There? Do you want to transform your business in a predictable way? Do you want this transformation to make your customers want your services more? Have you any idea how to begin this transformation? Would you like to begin with your customers telling YOU what is valuable to them? Do you know how to get transformation going if you have millions and millions of customers to listen to? To be an intelligent business you need to have business intelligence (BI). You need to gather information from your customers. You need this information to validate your beliefs about how good an experience your customers are having in dealing with your company. This information is strewn all over the place in your company. It's expensive to unearth. It's expensive to find out what shape it's in and what to do with it once you find it. It's even more expensive to convert it into something you can use. And bringing everybody to agree on what it means once you put it all together is going to drive you nothing short of crazy! But you can't beat how expensive and deadly for business it's going to be to leave all that customer information where it is now, to die
on the vine... Despite all the pain, without this customer information you CANNOT transform your business. You won't know how your customers view your company. Why you can't retain them. Why you're losing competitiveness. Why you're stagnating. You'll fail to know how to integrate your efforts to reduce expenses. You'll continue to sponsor corporate fragmentation. Why they're unsatisfied. You'll foment creation of more entrenched fiefdoms. People you pay to work together will continue to work at keeping apart. They'll pull in their own direction because no objective focus point exists to draw them in the same direction. Your own team will sink you. So what's an executive to do? Forget technology for technology's sake. You can't afford it.

But technology for leadership's sake, you can't afford not to have.

It's time to seize the reins and make technology your ally. Think: Technology-enabled Leadership. Already some of your most critical systems have been outsourced. (Maybe you didn't know that. But you do pay your people good money to save you money. Outsourcing saves you a bundle.) Outsourcing has also left you a mess of disconnected data silos.
And you don't even own the software where your critical data sit today outside your firewall. Do you want to talk
about risk? Let's say one of your outsourcing partners goes broke. (It's been known to happen.) What happens to your customer intelligence if this partner hosted your sales opportunities? Hosted your sales? Hosted your revenue transactions? Are you getting the picture? Technology can be your best friend or your worst enemy.
That's why you need to keep it close to you. But this doesn't mean you need to own a software engineering firm to safeguard all your data assets. All you need is an associate you can trust to own the relationships with all these outsourcing vendors and with your internal data assets and information management staff. To paraphrase Teddy: "You need an associate who speaks business softly, but can carry a big techie stick." Call this a Chief Officer of Information Management or simply an Information Czar. But alone this isn't enough. MARKETING Business not technology rules. You're after business transformation and predictability, let us remember. Who owns customer centricity at your company? Should it not be Marketing? Are they not the brand owners? Is not Marketing's job never to let the customer off its sight? If so, have you ever asked yourself why Marketing is not constantly asking you "How are we making money?" Do you know this is Marketing's #1 job in your company? Do you know that a Marketing organization that doesn't ask whether the company is generating bottom line value for the business is a Marketing organization that is ignorant of your customers and what they value? That's why marketers don't pry. That's why they don't lead. That's why all they do is create pretty brochures and host costly seminars. Talk about an under-utilized resource! And do you further know that the reason for this is because your company lacks in business intelligence (BI)? Marketers should be your company's BI system power-users. To help you lead your company in the direction that customers find valuable for you to take it, your marketers need to communicate this value to the rest of your team and to the market on an on-going basis. That's what they're paid to do – communicate. If you want to empower them for effective communication, you'll need a technology-enabled leadership strategy for them to depend upon. You'll need BI in an extreme way. You'll need your Marketing Czar in more than a friendly parley with your Information Czar. You'll need an intimate partnership between these 2 unlikely candidates that can make possible the acquisition and appropriate use of your most critical customer information. This begins the process of business transformation. It makes predictability of success possible. It eliminates your outsourcing risk without eliminating your cost reductions. And this CMO-to-CIO bond is what we facilitate. Dean Samuels Arturo F. Munoz Executive Director
Snap-in-Place Marketing Systems President www.snapinplacemarketingsystems.com Office: (510) 550-5347 Silicon Valley CIO Office: (650) 488-4246 www.siliconvalleycio.com We orchestrate the critical decision-making enablers that let YOU turn your company in the right direction based on your customer information. We put championing customer centricity into practice to defeat internal fiefdoms,
so you can... Start listening to your millions of customers

Prioritize and make sense of what they value most

Close business better, easier, faster If the time has come for innovation and change at your company, and you're not afraid to make decisions, then you now know who to call. We look forward to a conversation that can radically transform your business...and transform it FAST! Call and ask us to tell you about Xtreme BI.
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