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The Harlem Reniassance Project

No description

malaya king

on 26 March 2011

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Transcript of The Harlem Reniassance Project

*Time of rebirth The Harlem Renaissance What was life like during the Harlem Renaissance? Music Literature Art *Time of change *Time of progression *Time of a New Era Louis Armstrong aka Satchamo 08/04/1901 - 07/06/1971 He was a jazz trumpet player.
He was a great supporter of the civil rights movement.
He was known for his distinctive raspy voice. Billie Holiday 04/07/1915 - 07/17/1959 She was a jazz singer.
Her real name was Eleanora Fagan.
Her most infamous song is Strange Fruit
aka Lady Day This song is in response to the lynching epidemic of Black men, women and children that was taking place in America during this era, Duke Ellington aka The Duke 04/29/1899 - 05/24/1974 His real name is Edward Kennedy Ellington.
He was a pianist and a band leader.
He refered to his music as "American music" instead of jazz. Bessie Smith
She was known as the "Empress of Blues".
She was known for her famous Broadway performance in "Pansy"
She also appeared in many films. 04/15/1894 - 09/26/1937 Poetry Gwendolyn Bennett Paul Laurence Dunbar Georgia Douglas Johnson Fiction Jean Toomer Zora Neale Hurston Nella Larsen Wallace Thurman Art Miguel Covarrubias Langston Hughes Most famous for his poem "A Dream Deferred" One of the first women to write a article in the magazine called "opportunity". She was often overlooked for her skills and talent in poetry. She's best known for her short story "Wedding Day"; which was published in the first issue of "fire" First started submitting poems in 1916; she published four volumes of poetry. One of her first and infamous poems was "The Heart of a Woman" He wrote his first poem at the age of six; His first collection of poetry was published in 1893.
Dunbar is known for his descriptive language and his use of dialect and conversation tone. Literature Richard Bruce Nugent Aaron Douglas Nugent was a writer and a painter.
He was well known for his art thats was featured in several magazines and news papers. His art is also used for many illustration cover page for many recent Harlem Renaissance books. Miguel was one of the few mexican artists from during the Harlem Renaissance. He was sent to New York from Mexico on a grant at the age of 19. he barely spoke any english but he had artistic talent that led him to recieve many opportunities.
He was able to make costumes and set designs for theaters and shows. Douglas was a very talented and artistic painter. He moved to New York in 1925.
He produced illustrations for "The Crisis" ,"Opportunity"
and "The New Negro"
His great talents led him to be nick-named "The Father of African American Arts" Harlem Renaissance Art
by other artists Harlem Renaissance ForeFathers and Midwives W.E.B Dubois James Weldon Johnson Jesse Fauset Alain Locke Wrote the black national anthem
Leader in the NAACP Head of the NAACP
Founder and Editor of the NAACP newspaper "The Crisis" Other Significant Aspects of
The Harlem Renaissance And here is my conclusion..... The National Black Anthem....(with a little twist) haha =) THE END
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