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Japanese influences in the Philippines

No description

Jasmin Navarro

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Japanese influences in the Philippines

Japanese influences in the Philippines
Anime and Manga
Some Filipinos realy like anime so they make animes in Japan or in other countries
Japanese Food
The Japanese food is an influence to the Filipinos because we have Japanese restaurants and they serve Japanese food like ramen, Tonkatsu, Curry, sushi, maki and many more
The Filipinos also make manga because of the Japanese people
Animal Skin Tanning
The Japanese gave us animal skin tanning it is when we skin the animal and hang it open somewhere to make the animal skin tan.
This is a Japanese inlfuence because we use it in Kendo.
It is a Japanese influence because
we can also use a katana.
The Japanese people gave the Filipinos more tools to help in doing things, to do more things and to make things easier and possible.
Bento box
Some Filipinos use bento boxes because they want to have a Japanese food container with a Japanese Lunch.
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