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Copy of Lord of the Flies Chapter 8

No description

Pooja Ladva

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Lord of the Flies Chapter 8

Lord of the Flies Ch.8 Thank you for your attention! Symbolism Theme Settings "Gift for the Darkness" Jack, Ralph, and Roger return after seeing "the beast" on the mountain. (p.136) Jack calls a meeting, using the conch. (p.137) Jack attempted to overthrow Ralph's authority with a vote. No one voted for Jack as the new leader. (p.139) Jack leaves the group of boys and declares that he will make a new group that will only hunt. (p.140) Piggy suggests to make a new fire by the bathing pool because of "the beast" on the mountain. (p.142-143) Other biguns leave to join Jack's tribe. (Maurice, Bill, and Roger) (p.144) Jack's tribe kills a pig at the "bowl." They took the head off the pig and stuck it on a stick sharpened at both ends. (Lord of the Flies was created) (p.150) Jack and his tribe steals the fire from Ralph to cook their pig. He then invites them to a feast, luring them to join his tribe. (p.154) Ralph forgets about his main goal, which was to be rescued. Without the fire, Ralph has the thought to become a savage like Jack. (p.156) Simon hallucinates and talks with Lord of the Flies. (p.158) Conch New fire Butterflies Mask Lord of the Flies Characterization Imagery Metaphor: “He pushed back his mop” (136) Foreshadowing Irony *“Ralph thrust the conch into Jack’s arms and sat down” (138) “Oh, take it! Go on-talk!” (138)

*Clouds, thunder, bad weather, darkness foreshadows something bad is going to happen (157)

*“We are going to have fun on this island!” (158)
“You know perfectly well you’ll only meet me down there-so don’ try to escape!” (158)
“– or else, “said the Lord of the Flies, “we shall do you. See? Jack and Roger and Maurice and Robert and Bill and Piggy and Ralph. Do you. See?” (159)
“Hands up, whoever wants Ralph not to be chief?’ The silence continues, breathless heavy and full of shame.” (139)
“Where’s Maurice..? Where’s Bill and Roger..?’ ‘I expect they’ve gone. I expect they won’t play either.” (144)
“I say this. We aren’t going to bother about the beast. We’re going to forget the beast.”(146)

“And about the beast. When we kill we’ll leave some of the kill for it. Then it won’t bother us, maybe.” (147)
“I’ve got the conch.” (138) “He turned and trotted away and after a moment they followed him obediently.” (147) “Piggy looked up miserably from the dawn-pale beach to the dark mountain” (p.136) “Ralph turned towards the platform.” (p.136) “The afternoon wore on, hazy and dreadful with damp head…” (p.148) “They were just behind her when she staggered into an open space where bright flowers grew and butterflies danced round each other…” (p.148) Metaphor: “Up there, for once, were clouds, great bulging towers that sprouted over the island.” (151) Simile: “Ralph was kneeling by the remains of the fire like a sprinter at his mark.” (154) Simile: “The bulging clouds thunder went off like a gun.” (152) Personification: “Butterflies danced.” (146) Personification: “The clouds were sitting on the land…” (151)
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