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cheryl manley

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Daniel

Daniel John Schauland
Family Member Interview
I interviewed my Opa and Oma, Dieter and Ingrid Schauland.

They moved to Canada from Germany in the year 1962.

They left Germany to have a better life for their children.

Opa worked in a uranium mine in Northern Ontario before he and Oma got married. They thought that Canada was very beautiful, and that it would be a good place to raise a family.

Oma and Opa went to live in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. Opa had friends who lived in Ottawa, and there were lots of jobs for people who moved there.

My Family
Mommy's name is Christina. She was born in Toronto, Ontario.
Daddy's name is Thomas. He was born in Ottawa, Ontario.
Richard is my brother. He was born in Mississauga, Ontario.
I was born in Mississauga, Ontario.
My Brother Richard
his birthday is November 5
he is a 12
he likes to get presents
8 years old
I like Thomas the train
I like to play on the computer
I like to save my money to buy trains
Mommy's Family
Grandma's name is Beverley. She was born in Toronto, Ontario.
Grandpa's name is John. He was born in Orangeville, Ontario.
Grandma's mother was named Irene. She was born in Woodstock, Ontario.
Grandma's father was named John. He was born in Mount Forest, Ontario.
Grandpa's father was named Graham. He was born in Dufferin County, Ontario.
Grandpa's mother was named Edna. She was born in Dufferin County, Ontario.
Daddy's Family
Oma's name is Ingrid. She was born in Berlin, Germany.
Opa's name is Dieter. He was born in Berlin, Germany.
Oma's mother was named Hildegard. She was born in Berlin, Germany.
Oma's father was named Richard. He was born in Poland.
Opa's father was named Otto. He was born in Germany.
Opa's mother was named Elfriede. She was born in Germany.
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