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Macbeth Intro and Tone/ Mood Activity

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Amanda Padgett

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of Macbeth Intro and Tone/ Mood Activity

William Shakespeare's
The Plot of Macbeth
The Setting of Macbeth
The Curse of Macbeth
The Themes of Macbeth
•The corrupting power of unchecked ambition
•The relation between cruelty and masculinity
•The difference between kingship and tyranny
Where do we see these themes in media today???
Macbeth is a lord of Scotland. Some witches tell him he will be the king of Scotland. He takes matters into his own hands and murders the king and becomes the new king of Scotland. Things go from bad to worse.
•The tradition...The Scottish Play
•The 1672 stabbing
•The 1849 riot
• The 1953 kerosene affair
•What is the cause????
When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.
Tone and Mood
Before we begin...
Set up your paper for Cornell Notes
August 19, 2013
TONE: An author's attitude toward a subject
MOOD: emotional effect the text creates for the audience
On your Notes, Create an Underlined Heading that says "Mary Poppins #1." Below, create two separate columns: one for tone and one for mood.
As you watch the following, you are going to record words that describe the Tone (how the author was likely feeling) and the Mood (how the clip makes you feel) Refer to your Tone and Mood Handout to help you
On your Notes, Create an Underlined Heading that says "Mary Poppins #2." Below, create two separate columns: one for tone and one for mood.
Repeat the same process as before!
Were your lists the same, or different?
filmmakers use lighting, music, frames, and other effects to alter the mood of a scene. Writers rely on characterization, setting, dialogue, foreshadowing, figurative language, etc.
Tone & Mood
The return of donut Thursdays?
I CAN...
Identify the tone and mood of a scene
I CAN...
Read Macbeth I.1-2 and discuss the effect of the opening scene on the mood of the play

Things to Cover Today:
1. Cornell Notes
2. Tone & Mood
3. Act I, Scene 1
4. Exit Ticket
5. Macbeth Final Project: Choice Board?
Assign roles:
first witch, second witch, third witch, King Duncan, Malcolm, Captain, Lennox, Ross

Go to your Drive and open the ENG IV - View Folder and open the SAT Vocabulary Document. Scroll down until you get to Act II. Write a sentence using each of the 10 vocabulary words.
Learning Targets
I CAN...
Define and identify the tone and mood of a passage from Macbeth

Distinguish between tone and mood
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