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Introduction of myself


Sang Ho Lee

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Introduction of myself

Economics Microeconomics Macroeconomics Econometrics Finance Modern Consumer & Producer theories Market Structures & Equilibrium x(p,w) h(p,u) v(p,w) e(p,u) Roy's
Identity h(p,u)=de(p,u) Slutsky Equation x(p,w)=h(p,v(p,w)) h(p,v)=x(p,e(p,u)) e(p,u)=v(p,e(p,u)) v(p,w)=e(p,v(p,w)) Dual Problems UMP EMP Classical Model
Keynesian Model
Rational Expectation
Growth Model(Ramsey theory) Regression Analysis
Time Series It will be helpful
for real work place Asset Pricing Bond Markets
Stock Markets
Portfolio Risk, Return and
Diversification EconoMiCs Mathematics DV01 Definition
A bond valuation calculation showing the dollar value of a one basis point decrease in interest rates. It shows the change in a bond's price compared to a decrease in the bond's yield. Calculus
Multivariable Calculus
Real Analysis
Statistics Computer Empirical Tools Matlab
Excel Application HTML
Word Processing
Presentation tools Market Analysis Uncertainty to Risk (It helps CEO making a decision) Theoretical and Empirical
Well Prepared Person Aden Sangho Lee Duke economics
2010 candidate Duke University
Aden Sangho Lee Samsung
System LSI Sales EU China / Tiwan Mobility KPI Tech Savvy 100% 98% 99% 54%
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