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Prezify My Obsession Project

Matt Guglielmo

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Airsoft

What is Airsoft? Airsoft Airsoft is a "paintball style" recreational sport. There are many different game types and scenaros such as: Capture the Flag, VIP, Team Deathmatch, and Milsim (Military Simulation)

Generally the goal in airsoft is to be the first team to complete an objective. Airsoft, is similar and different from paintball in many ways. Typically, paintball is going to be less organized, the use of tactics is very limited.

Airsoft is very different from that, because there is almost no way to win a match without using good tactics.

Long story short, in airsoft, "you can play as a team, or you can lose as one." So, why play airsoft? So, why play airsoft? Well, if you like video games, or sports, then you will most likely enjoy airsoft. What do I need to play? You will NEED "full seal" safety glasses. Fields usually always have spare saftey glasses, but it is always better to bring you own. When selecting safety glasses ensure that they have the ANSI Z87.1 marking. When glasses carry the ANSI Z87.1 marking, this means that they have been ballistically tested, and will not shatter or fracture on impact at high velocity (650 Feet per second with a 0.3 gram projectile.) That depends entirely on you, and how much you play airsoft. Here are some basic guidelines This ensures that your eyes are safe, since most airsoft rifles fire 0.2 - 0.3 gram plastic BB's at around 400 Feet per second If you plan on getting serious about airsoft you may want some other gear. One of the most common items that you will see on the field is a tactical vest, or chest rig. This is a chest rig. and This is a vest Remember, the type and amount of gear you get is dependent entirely on what works best for you! For Example, here is what I use; a vest, radio, 6 magazines, an assault pack, and of course an airsoft rifle. For more info on Airsoft, use this excellent Wikipedia article made by Mike Brown http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airsoft Thank you! Photo Credit: Mike Collinsworth, "Bad Karma Airsoft Field" Of course, you will need to know the rules, however these change from field to field.
There are 3 rules that ALL fields follow: 1) You MUST wear eye protection when not in the safe zone. Never remove your eye protection for any reason, when you are on the field. 2) Airsoft works on the honor system, if you are hit, call your hit by yelling "hit" and placing your "death rag" on your head. Your death rag must be red, and can only be used when you are hit.
Experienced players can see their hits, if you don't call your hits the players can, AND WILL, ask the referee to remove you from the game. 3) If you, or a teammate are injured (ie; twisted ankle, broken arm, etc.) immediately call out "blind man" and the referee will stop the game and escort you or your teammate off of the field. If you hear "blind man" you MUST stop firing, and place your weapon on safe. Did you know?
Airsoft is so realistic that police, SWAT teams, and even the United States Army use it for training purposes.
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