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Design Thinking

No description

Gregg Carey

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Design Thinking

Subject/ Individual Students Teachers Needs: Take in and understand information Share information with class/ group/ teacher Be surrounded in pleasing environment Evidence: Group 1 survey of class that uses another classroom
instead of this one.
EX: pinning work on walls/ using magnets
painful chairs Group 2 work on optimal lighting Group 4 Pictures of collaboration in other classrooms Activity Computers
Projector / Screen
White Board
Physical Media
Walls Artifacts Individuals Students
Teachers Be at rm 203 D at 6pm Wed
Many others Sociocultural Communities Design (Industrial, Lighting, Interior, Visual, Product, Education, Etc.)

Student Body Community

Work (Outside jobs) Division of Labor Within Class groups
Role of the teacher
Presentation of group products Object Take in/ understand information (learning)
Share information with class/ group / teacher (discussion)
Be surrounded in pleasing environment (still working) students groups teachers Internet Blackboard wiki experiences wiki These interactions happen
inside and outside of the classroom How can the classroom better
support these interactions? Furniture Fit to room
Support collaboration
Radically adjustable Technology Support collaboration
Support multiple formats/ users
Better walls/ more outlets Color/ Lighting More pleasing color
Update lighting to current tasks
More adjustable lighting
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