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Maximum Ride Poster

No description

Maxwell Clegg

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Maximum Ride Poster

#Settings/ character SETTING AND DETAILS
*House: They live their very interesting lives in a mysterious upside down "E" house.
*New York:" 'That's a lot of people! I want to go down there! I want to walk on Fifth Avenue! I want to go to museums!' " Pg 232 " 'I can hear people and traffic and sirens and dogs barking.' " Pg 234-235
* The "E" house

*New York City

*Maximum Ride Max
Max likes to command people because she's stronger and older. She also favors Angel because she is like her baby.
QUOTES -----------------
Quotes on Max's appearance
" 'It was chilly, but I forced myself out of my cozy bed. I threw on some clean sweats.' " Pg 8
Quotes to show how Max interacts with others
" 'I rubbed his back and dropped a kiss on his head.' " Pg 10
" 'I hugged her back.' " Pg 12
Quotes to show Max's nightmares
" 'Geez, I hated that dream, its always the same: running away from the School, being chased by Erasers.' " Pg 8
Quotes to show how other people interact with Max
" 'Don't worry, Max.I wont tell anybody besides, I love you the best too.' " Pg 8 PROJECT: MAXIMUM RIDE By: Tony Castro, Max Clegg, and Vinnie McGarry Why you should read this book You should read this book because there are parts that make you really want to turn the page. There's a lot of action in it, and the story takes turns that you don't really expect. It also makes you want to predict a lot. Gazzy
-----> I'm
Angel! Tony Castro as Location Scout -> New York
Max Clegg as Location Scout -> E Shaped House
Vinnie McGarry as Character PR Rep -> Maximum Ride Credits MAX
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