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Greek Mythology

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Angela Carlson

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of Greek Mythology

Mount Olympus and Temples
During the times of ancient Greece, the people believed that the gods and goddesses were real. They built temples in their honor. If the gods were happy, the people would enjoy healthy lives, crops would be plentiful, and wars would be won. If they were displeased, the gods would send drought, famine, and violent storms.

The people believed that these deities resided on Mount Olympus, one of the highest peaks that towered over several Greek city-states.
Meet the Gods
Each Greek God has signature traits, abilities, and symbols. They are each responsible for an element found in nature.
Meet the Goddesses
The women of Mount Olympus were equally as important and powerful as the men.
Death and the Underworld
Death was inevitable to the Greeks. Everyone went to the Underworld, or Hades, when they died.
Other Creatures and Monsters
Many myths contain references to or direct interactions with many other unearthly creatures. Some were harmless - even helpful at times, but most were dreadfully feared as few men would walk away with their lives after an encounter.
What are myths?
Myths are stories created by people to explain natural events that occur in nature, such as day and night, the four seasons, and natural disasters.

In the ancient world, people did not understand such natural phenomena. Therefore, they created the stories of gods and goddesses who were each in charge of certain areas in nature.

These stories were passed down for centuries through oral tradition, and they are still very popular today. People no longer worship or believe in these gods, goddesses, or stories. They are retold for entertainment purposes only.
Greek Mythology
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