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The 5sos Fam Presentation

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Luke Franta

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of The 5sos Fam Presentation

Fashion Trends

During this time young girls would wear plaid(either a dress or skirt) that stopped below the knee and a warm cardigan
If it was very cold out, a long coat was added to the outfit
Fashion was very flashy and glamorous and there were specific outfits for the different times of day and for events
The dresses were always very bright and colorful, the brighter the better
prisoners- wooden or leather clogs,no socks, rubber on their feet & ankle
caused sores, very dangerous
songs were inspired by the latest gossip and news
Erich Frost
wrote one of the most popular songs

Ration Books
What were ration books?
- A series of books issued to every person during the war in the 1940s.
- Contained removable stamps.
- Each family and/or person was given a curtain amount of stamps.
- Stamps were only good for curtain rationed items, like sugar, meat, cooking oil and canned goods .

Ration Books
Why were there ration books?
-Rationing was introduced as way to make sure everyone got a fair amount of food.
-The government was worried that items became scarcer and prices would go up and people would become poor.
- Rationing didn't end till the night of July 4, 1954.

men-vest,trousers, hats, and coats
women- smoke-type dresses
Specific clothing
numbers printed on clothes
associales- black triangle
*form star of David
Then & Now
vest, trousers, and hats
muscle tees
ripped shirts and jeans

Now: More upbeat, catchy lyrics.
Then: Meaningful lyrics, Slow, haunting melodies.
Ration books

How did ration books work?
-The government used the information gathered on the national registration day.
- Everyone was issued a ration book or identity card.
-The books had coupons that had to handed or signed my the shopkeeper every time a rationed good was bought.
Fashion Trends:

1940: Fantasia, Pinocchio, and Pride and Prejudice
1945: The Lost Weekend, The Story of G.I. Joe, and House of Dracula
1950: All About Eve, Cinderella, and Treasure Island
Movie Ticket Prices
1940: 24 cents per ticket
1945: 35 cents per ticket
1950: 46 cents per ticket
Then And Now Prices
Prices then were less than a dollar
Prices now are more than five dollars
Movie tickets have risen about $4.76 in 74 years
Boys typically wore button up shirts, slacks and suspenders
If they were to attend a fancier gathering, they would wear a suit like men and boys wear today
Some would wear a preppier style that included shorter slacks, a button up shirt and tie with a cardigan on top

1. When did rationing stop?

2. What was the government worried about?

3. What did ration books have in them?

" Rationing in Britain during the World War 2."
Rationing in Britain during World War 2.
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".".Web.23 Nov.2014.

Dr. Seuss part in Holocaust
Dr. Seuss artwork
In France at the time

Drew political cartoons

From 1941-1943 for PM articles

Was helping Jews at time and despised Hitler

Make anti-Nazi cartoons to inform people about whats happening with the holocaust

Made over 400 cartoons

Anthology for ''Dr. Seuss Goes to War.''
Dr. Seuss secret message
Yertle is the king of the pond. He wants to reach for the moon, so he makes all the other turtles form a ladder for him to stand on. Once he gets to the top Yertle slips over and goes crashing into the mud.
Yertle was written based on Hitler.
1. How many years had Dr. Seuss been making political cartoons?
Work Cited
''Dr. Seuss and the Holocaust in France''
By Rafael Medoff, JNS.org
July 16, 2012 | 5:22 pm

''Dr. Seuss Takes on Hitler''

August 10, 2011 //

2. Did Dr. Seuss favor the Jews or Hitler?
3.where did Dr. Seuss live during the holocaust?
The Holocaust
Jaelynn P. Danielle C.
Rachel K.
Heather F.
Kenedy L.
Alexis S.

'The Holocaust Explained'

'Clothing Retailer Yanks Shirt That Resembles Holocaust Prision Uniform'
August 27,2014
Work cited
1.What is one clothing item men wore?

2.What is one clothing item women wore?

3.What symbol is on the jews clothes?
Fest steht:
which means stand fast
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1) What was the main fashion for boys?
2) What was the pattern that many girls wore during the 1940s?
3) Which fashion "trend" did the Holocaust start?
How did the Holocaust affect fashion?
Clothing wasn't as glamorous and flashy
People during and after war could't afford expensive clothes
They would wear comfortable clothes instead
Its started the trend that included a less fancy, laid back look
Also called the "lazy look" today
Has obviously evolved
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