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Animal Report

No description

Micheal Jones

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Animal Report

Ladybugs size fully grown larva can grow
up to 15mm fully grown ladybugs
can grow up to 1cm habitat they live in:
everywhere(2 spotted ladybugs) pictures diet eats aphids and other small insect pests(helpful to farmers). can eat up to 30 aphids a day. larva can eat 50 aphids life-cycle they mate when it is warmer. the female lays her eggs on the underside of a leaf the larvae hatch a pupa forms after 5 days a ladybug emerges description they come in
with cream or black spots can have up to 24 spots they each have their own pattern colour says "I taste bad" to birds interesting facts there are 4000 different kinds they can bite if handled badly larvae inject saliva into prey and suck out insides adults eat aphids whole they are mostly carnivores young will eat each other hibernate in winter as a large group are sold to farmers sites backyard insects k m ladybugs nature's children beetles google
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