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Italians Contribution To Canada

No description

Andy Jaggernauth

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Italians Contribution To Canada

Italians Contribution To Canada
Cultural Aspects

-Brought with them the recipe and techniques for pizza
-Pasta was also relatively unknown until the Italians brought it
-Italians use a variety of vegetables, such as tomatoes, eggplants, onions, garlic, peas, pepper in their cuisine.
-Italian food and wine are well known in Canada and North America.

Cultural Aspects
Cultural Aspects
-The first difficulty that the Italian immigrants faced in Canada was the inability to understand or speak the English language
- To bridge the gap between Italian and English, Italians made a language called Italiese
- This new language gave Italian structure to the English Language
Cultural Aspects
- Most of the Italians are Roman Catholics
- They brought their religious traditions to Canada
-They built churches where they'd pray to god
-Italians set up catholic schools where Italian children would learn their religion and their culture.

Italian Charity/Community Organizations
-The Order Sons of Italy Canada, raise money for various types of charities and provide assistance to the needy
- They have raised over $500,000 to various charities
-The Scalabrini Foundation for the Poor holds an annual golf tournament at Seven Lakes to raise funds.
-Music is part of their lives.
-They enjoy it at holidays, family celebrations, and special occasions.
-Opera is their tradition and is popular among Italians
- They carried on this tradition coming to Canada
By: Andy Jaggernauth
Italian Business Contribution
-The Canadian Italian Business Professional Association is a network of business and Canadians working together to build our businesses and participate in helping Canada become all that is can be.
- The CIBPA didn't want the italian culture to die in canada they also helped Canada be what it is today.
-The Confratellanza Italo-Canadese is advancing the interest of the Italian Canadian community and ensuring Italian-Canadians are contributing to the enrichment of their community and their multicultural nation.
- The Business encourages italian Canadians to contribute to upgrading the Canadian community.

-In 1881 Italians were imported to work as navvies in the construction of the CPR
-The Italians highly populated the northern area of Ontario.
-Migration halted in the time of World War 1 and new laws limited the amount of Italians that were able to live in Canada.
-A second wave occurred after the Second World War when Italians left the country for opportunities in a young and growing country to start a new life.
-Italy was rapidly growing in wealth, and by the early 1970s fewer Italians were interested in emigration.
Histortical Backround
In Canada
Population Characteristics
-From 1982-2013 there has been
573,615 new immigrants
- Altogether currently there is
1,445,330 Italians in Canada
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