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Grupo: 301122_40 Aplicar Técnicas Fundamentales
para WCAG 1.0 Navegando en las Pautas
y técnicas de la WCAG 1.0 Saber las Técnicas
para WCAG 1.0 Para Que son las Pautas de Accesibilidad al Contenido en la Web (WCAG) typically we have
3 or more bulk mailings
every year LEIDY JOHANNA RAMIREZ 1. cards are easier to handle / handout 4. they find a place to live like behind a magnet on a refrigerator 5. the 3 x 3 window is a good and easy sponsorship opportunity 3. printed in color
vs. traditional B/W 2. Cards are printed in bulk (5000 nos) we mail 1500+ postcards every event Tambien ¿Que debemos de asegurar
para que nuestra web tenga éxito? Accesibilidad Estructura Visibilidad CINDY MELISSA HERRERA annual calendar merchandising What we are on the lookout for is what do we mail ? postcards how much ?
how often ? why postcards?
why not letters ? costs us about 11c or less vs. 45c or more an easy savings of
$500+ in just postage other minor
benefits long story short...
$500 in savings
$500 in sponsorship
Maximum reach. Cindy Melissa Herrera Manuel Fernando Marulanda A. Leidy Johanna Ramírez Yeffer Arley Palacios YEFFER ARLEY PALACIOS The Archived Magazines how can i help ? we like to be LIKED Jhobanni F Cruz De esta forma lograremos mejores contenidos Web con la mas alta calidad y cumpliendo los estándares del mercado. let's take a walk
down memory lane JHOBANNI F CRUZ is where we
make revenue here is a
quick list the post card the magazine the calendar print
products ad strip on
the web travel ticker
(not for sale
anymore....) mallu pages electronic newsletter main banner
(for the big boys and gals) and help maintain
our value to the
greater malayalee soft products and here is a demo
of our latest product... Cumplir con los estandares Cumplir con las Normas mínimas Contribuir al desarrollo help us keep
our contents fresh really ? less intrusive with
respect to time visual version is easier
and faster than the text easily accessible
via smart phones why this new
product now? offers us a COOLER
extension to the
e-newsletter easily publishable on
web, e-newsletter
and facebook advertisers have better
line of sight to
count of views transparency will eventually bring
greater confidence in kagw higher probability of
spending 5mins watching
than 15 mins reading disclaimer: this is an amateur attempt
also the project is its infancy. warning: the infant mortality rate
of this project will be high if all of
us do not chip in intent to get higher public
support with news and
participation CONCLUSIONES
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