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Soul Eater

No description

Violante Bluestar

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Soul Eater

Soul Eater By Violante Bluestar 42-42-564 Soul and Maka are partners. Maka is a weapons Miester while Soul is a weapon, he's a scythe. They go about killing creatures known as kishin, souls that have been corrupted. They think that they'll just go about their normal lives to get Soul to become a death scythe. They're wrong. The two, along with their friends soon have to fight villains like Medusa, Arache, and Asura, the creator of evil souls. It turns out not to be a normal semester or two at Death Weapon Meister Academy Team Maka and Soul Maka and Soul are the main characters in Soul Eater. They work together to make Soul a death scythe so he can serve Death. They are the perfect team Team Death the Kid. . . and Liz and Patty Death the Kid is Death's son. He teamed up with Liz and Patty after meeting them on the streets. Death the Kid's role is to find out what really goes on in DWMA. They are Maka and Soul's friends for a long while during the anime. Maka is the smart, experienced, and straightforward one. She has no mother and hates her ridiculous father who is a player. Weapon Miester. Soul is the obsessed-with-being-cool guy. He doesn't work hard in school, but succeeds in the field. He's a scythe. Death the Kid: Weapon Miester, obsessed with symmetry, and is the son of Death. Liz: Patty's older sibling, afraid of ghosts, and is a weapon. She's a gun. Patty: Liz's younger sibling, is childish, cute, and is a weapon. She's also a gun. Team Blackstar and Tsubaki Blackstar and Tsubaki are the third best team because of Blackstar's recklessness. They met in their first of DWMA like Maka and Soul
did and they all became friends. Their part of the anime is help turn Mifune, a weapon master, to the good side. Blackstar: Member of the Star clan, weapon miester,
and is too full of himself Tsubaki: Multi-form weapon, sweet, and caring girl. Her whole family is dead by the Star clans doing. She knows this and continues to look after Blackstar. Team Crona and Ragnorok Crona is a boy, it's easily mistaken that he's a girl, with black blood inside him. His weapon Ragnorok comes out of his back.
He is the son of Medusa who is a witch. He was tortured as a child and forced to kill things.
If he didn't understand the
creature he had to kill, he couldn't kill it. He would then be locked up by Medusa
and Ragnorok would beat him up. Once he understood the thing he could kill it. The Villains Medusa "Snake Mistress" Arache "Spider Mistress" Fight Scenes! :) Asura "Kishin Lord" Theme Songs Second OP First OP Funny Moments AWESOME! MV Warning: cuss words such as damn, hell, and sh*** are used in this anime
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