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Despicable Me 2

No description

Jenny Woods

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Despicable Me 2

Family Film Night
Despicable Me 2
Social Media Proposal
Minion Madness
Good V's Evil (Minion V's Mutated Minion)
Minionese Dictionary
Mini Movies
Family Film Nights
Minionese Dictionary
Mini Movies

Good V's Evil
Video app whereby fans are asked to upload 4 photo of themselves (head and shoulders) with different facial expressions.
The app will guide them through the requested expressions and uploading process.
It will then play the fan a montage of these photos but with a Minion ('good') on one shoulder and a purple mutated Minion ('evil') on the other.
The Minions will argue in Minionese to one another and whisper different Minion advice into the ear of the fan. The fan's facial expressions will change accordingly.
Fans can then share their video on their Facebook wall.
Significantly increase engagement, especially amongst 9 to 14 year olds.
Increase the Despicable Me 2 shareability factor aiming for a reach of 1.5 million with the support of promoted spend and cross-platform promotion.
£10 - 15k
plus promoted post spend.
Facebook post:
'We love the Minionese language and so have decided to put together a Minionese dictionary... but we need your help. If you know any words in Minionese post them on our Facebook page and we will add them to our Minionese to English dictionary.
The Minionese language is quite simple with only a few words so lets help them out by making up a few new one for them too.
We can't wait to see what you've got!'
Campaign to go live the week after the DVD and Blue-Ray release date so that fans are inspired to buy the DVD t help them with this campaign.
We will give fans 4 weeks to submit their words, during this time we will continue to encourage them by posting links to trailers and clips and telling them how they can buy the DVD / Blue Ray to help them decipher the language.
After the 4 weeks we create 3 - 4 pieces of 'collectable' artwork which look like dictionary pages with the translations on them.
The pages are posted one by one on our Facebook wall where fans are encourages to share each one with friends so that they can start talking to each other in Minionese.
This campaign aims to increase DVD sales by giving fans a a challenge that can be best be completed if they purchase the film.
Create online buzz by tapping into the tween / teenage enthusiasm for secret languages.
Increase the Facebook 'People Talking About This' score by 40 - 50% over the campaign period.
£700 - 800 artwork
plus management fees.
During the build-up to the launch we tell fans that the DVD will also include 3 exclusive mini movies; 'Puppy', 'Panic in the Mailroom' and 'Training Wheels'.
We then set the fans a challenge of interpreting the names of these mini movies using Vine or InstaVid including the hash tag #MyDespicableMovie in their post. They also share the link to their movie on our Facebook or Twitter page.
The winner of the challenge is then given the opportunity to act out their mini movie in front of a green screen which transforms them into a Minion.
A behind the scenes video is made to document the prize winners day and shared on Facebook and Twitter at a few weeks later.
Build excitement and online buzz about the exclusive content available with the DVD.
Reach late teens / early 20's by tapping into their enthusiasm for video creation and new social media.
Increase our online reach by 50% - 60% by using multiple social media platforms and by creating a potentially viral video of the winner making their green screen movie.
Backstage video £4 - 5k.
Green screen video costs to be explored further.
Release a You Tube tutorial and step by step images on how a family can make a night of watching Despicable Me 2 together.
The tutorial and images will show how to make Minion costumes for each member of the family using basic material often found in a home.
It will then show how to make easy Minion movie snacks consisting of bananas, chocolate and popcorn.
Increase the awareness of the DVD launch amongst parents.
Receive 100,000 video views on Facebook.
Start to see repins of the step by step images on pinterest.
£2 - 4k
We would run a Twitter campaign where for one hour every Friday fans can ask a Minion all of life's big questions.
The Minions answers will be translated into English by our 'Minion translator'.
Some of the funniest questions and answers will be shared on Facebook either within a post or as artwork.
A secondary campaign for newsjacking, using #ShouldHaveAskedAMinion to allow us to tap into conversations with a comedy angle.
#Askaminion to be trending on Twitter.
To create PR buzz from the #ShouldHaveAskedAMinion campaign by tapping into appropriate news stories.
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