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The Chippewa Indians

No description

M2K Kids

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of The Chippewa Indians

The Chippewa Indians
The Chippewa tribe lives in the Northern hemisphere. The tribe lives in Minnesota and North Dakota. They also live in Michigan, Wisconsin, Montana, and Oklahoma. They live in parts of Canada, such as Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. They lived in the colder parts of our country and Canada.
The Chippewa live in cone-shaped homes, made out of birch bark and cattail leaves, called wigwams. The wigwams get their cone shape from frames made of arched poles. The Chippewa used twine or leather to tie the covering together. They also lived in tents called tepees. Tepees are made out of of birch bark, buck skin, and cloth stretched over wooden poles.

In the hot weather, the Chippewa, usually wore light clothing made of green leaves and fibers from nettle stalks. On cold days, the Chippewa men, usually wore shirts. Also leggings made of animal skins and breechcloths. Breechcloths resemble aprons, with front and back flaps that hang from their waist. On cold days, the Chippewa women, usually wore leggings, with long dresses, decorated with beads, paint, and porcupine quills.
The Chippewa tribe men are hunters. They hunt deer, bear, moose, and elk. Other possibilities for them to hunt are rabbit, otter, beaver, and mink. Some of these animals can be trapped also. The Chippewa women are gatherers and farmers. They gather wild rice, nuts, berries, and maple sap for syrup sugar in the summer. The women farm corn, beans, pumpkins, and squash.
Interesting Facts
Another name for the Chippewa is the Ojibway. All of their ceremonial dances have their own special moves to go with them. The Chippewa treasure their storytelling. They have deep faith in the Creator God. This great spirit gave them health and happiness. Their men and women who became part of the Midewiwin or Grand Medicine Society are called Mides.

Arts and Crafts
The Chippewa made all of their clothing. They liked to decorate their clothing with beads, paint, porcupine quills, and sowed designs. The Chippewa liked to use their tools and carve fancy designs on toys and other things. They also made their capes. They use their capes for preforming dances before every war. Each war had a different dance with special steps.
Ditchfield, Christin
The Chippewa
Scholastic 2005
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